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RIP Hunter S Thompson

Jeff W

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Why do some deaths knock you completely on your ass? HST, Jimmy Stewart, Christopher Reeve...these all just knocked the wind out of me. I read Hunter S. Thompson YEARS ago in high school, one of "those" dudes who walked around with a copy of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, but this only brought me around to his political writings later on, and I am grateful for that! Dr. Gonzo, you went out the way you wanted, and although I may not agree with you, it almost seems fitting for such a person. There will never be another writer like him...

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This may sound crass, but after absorbing this news for a few hours, I really don't think this is that great a surprise. It's certainly a loss for his readers and his family. But of all the people who you might expect to exit life on their own terms, Thompson would be near the top of the list, IMO. I'm far from an expert on him, but it seems that his life was all about living it the way he wanted, the rest of the world be damned. That seems to be how he chose to end it as well.

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