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New releases going for 20 bucks?

Anthony G

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When Sega released their sports titles at 20, it was obviously a marketing decision to introduce their titles to a broader audience. An attempt to introduce the Madden fans to an alternative, competitive, high-quality product. In the past, many (including myself) perceived games released at this price point to be a reflection of sub-par quality realized by the publishers. Several occasions I have played some of these games and have been pleasantly surprised. The trend seems to be growing with several games coming out with decent previews. I wonder if other publishers might be following in the footsteps of Sega and trying to get to gamers in a highly saturated market (an attempt to lock consumers in to a potential franchise). I was wondering if anyone in the community shares this perception. I was also wondering if anyone else has been happy with titles purchased under the circumstances already mentioned above.

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I certainly hope that more publishers put their titles out at $20-$30 when possible. I'm sure that more people are willing to make a blind or impulse purchase at cheaper prices.


I know we'll never see the latest Halo or GTA at this price, but it makes sense for some smaller titles, and we're already seeing this happen. Games like Phantom Dust and Katamari Damacy, and especially collections (Mega Man Anniversary, Street Fighter Anniversary, Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, Midway Arcade Treasures) are all being released between $20-$30.

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Yager was well worth the money, nice shooter. Evil Dead: Fistful of Boomstick was a fun hack and slash (especially if your a fan of the movies and Bruce Campbell). While Beyond Good & Evil was released originally at 49.99, it dropped so fast to 19.99 (a month or less?) I put it in the same category (never finished it, but I liked what I did play).

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I figured I would revive the thread since new releases are coming out at 19.99 that are getting either good previews, reviews and/or highly popular in the forum (Phantom Dust, althought there was the full rebate at GameStop). As a budget gamer, I like the trend. Too bad we will not be seeing any sports titles being released (SEGA) at competitive pricing since EA's plan to take over the world is in the works. ;)

I will definitely pick up Still Life.

I hope this trend follows through with the second and third generation games when the next-gen systems come out. Any thoughts?

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I bought NFL 2K5, Katamari Damacy, and Phantom Dust for $19.99 each (their launch price) and they were easily worth $50 each.


Conversely, there are titles like Iron Phoenix and Virtual On Marz that were sold at $49.99 at launch that were absolutely atrocious; if I got these games for FREE I'd trash them.


Read up on the games, rent them, get other people's opinion. Don't be persuaded or dissuaded by a price tag in all instances.

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