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Question, how many of you are big on reading reviews? I myself like to check them out for titles I am thinking about purchasing...Of all the reviews, it seems more and more over the past few years that many of the reviewers see to lower scoring for game titles simply because they may have a few elements of an older game. Such as a remake or sequel to an exsisting title. Don't get me wrong, if you have the same ol same ol, it would get boring. But it just seems a trend to have something absolutely new...Oh well, just thought I'd vent a bit... :rock

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I treat game reviews just like I do movie reviews. I like metacritic.com...


If it is in my niche, and it scores above 50%, I will like it.


If it is not in my niche, it must have awesome reviews to consider (>80%)


Video game niche: RPGs, turn based strategy, formerly fighting games

Movie niche: Apocolypse and post-apocolyptic themes, fantasy that doesn't obviously suck ass (cough D&D movie cough), sci fi that is intelligent (that isn't just shit getting blown up), etc.


If it falls outside of my niche it probably needs excellent reviews to consider it.

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