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Sony announces Socom III for this fall

Romier S

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Latest report from Gamespot has Sony and Zipper Interactive announcing Socom III for the Playstation 2 this fall. Improvements abound as far as weapon customization, improved AI, the ablity to swim, and the ability to operate vehicles! Check out more here .


The ability to swim is one of SOCOM III's new ability improvements. You'll also be able to operate vehicles, including humvees, light strike vehicles, technicals, T72 tanks, an SSCR assault boat, and a customized speed boat. Communicating with your AI-controlled team will be altered a bit--the game will now give you a context sensitive button that will command your team to move to a specific location, breach a door, and so on. This will be in addition to SOCOM II's already-robust AI control system. Speaking of the AI, it will see some improvements as well. Players' team AI should be better at assisting you, and the enemy AI will be better equipped to coordinate with one-another to form smarter attacks against your SEAL team. Weapon customization sounds like it could be a big part of SOCOM III. You'll have 31 weapons to choose from and 21 different attachments, making for over a thousand possibilities.


I really enjoyed the first Socom. For alot of us here it was our very first taste of console online gaming and it will always be remembered fondly. I steered clear of Socom II due to many reports of how unbalanced and problematic the online side of the game was. I hope Socom III puts things back on track. It would be great to return to the series and relive some of the old days.

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I'm at Comic-con right now, and I'm 90% sure Sony has Socom III running on PS2s here. I will do my best to get a movie of the game from my digital camera, although I've already been busted at a few places for trying (the Midway people were like cops about it).


I did manage to get footage of Jak X the racing game based on Jak & Daxter, looks like a blast.

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I have not been selected for the beta, but look forward to this in a big way. I didn't think Socom2 was as fun as the original, but that could be because it was a "done this already" type game. But nothing beat the original Socom and the dozen or so guys (you know who you are) that I played with every single night for months. I hope perhaps this game will unite all of us again!



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