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Games You Associate with Certain Members


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This might be kind of a fun thread. :)


Are there any members here at LCVG that you cause you to think about a certain game or series of games when you see their name in a thread? To give you an example of what I mean, let's take forum Owner, FutureVoid. If someone were to ask me which game first pops into my head upon mentioning him, I would say Silent Hill, because I know how much he loves Silent Hill 2. Another example would be kfredericks, who reminds me of Ninja Gaiden, because I think I've seen one or two posts from him praising the game at certain points.


I could go on, but I don't want to rob anyone else of their ideas. Let's see how well we really know each other around here. :D

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Great idea for a thread Jeff. I know some of the newer or more "lurking" members may have trouble posting since they don't know everyone yet but the responses should be interesting! Here goes:


Buck = City of Heroes (pre-MMO I would have said Project Gotham Racing)

J.Fo = Ratchet and Clank (or Zelda both would fit)

Pharmboy = Gabriel Knight

PoisonJam = MMORPG. (shit man the whole genre. I don't even think one game would do it these days. :lmfao ) Though if I were to pick a game Jet Set Radio Future would come to mind.

dogbert = Samba De Amigo (or Rez, but the man is an animal at Samba)

kfredericks = Definitely Ninja Gaiden

gigapower = Madden 2005 ( Damn casual gamers :lmfao )

Ruffneck = Whatever game I convince him to buy in any given week. ;)

RingWraith = ESPN NFL Football (Cause the man just loves playing the game)

Anothony Volpe = Otogi (one of the only other souls that enjoys the game as much as I do)

CaptDS9E = WWE games in general. (Soon to be Wrestlemania 21)

Robot Monkey = Full Spectrum Warrior (because he *WAS* in a combat exclusion zone!)

Whooter = Phantasy Star Online simply because I have fond memories of staying up until the wee hours playing the game on the Dreamcast with Joel.

Covak = Splinter Cell Pandora Tommorrow

Cyberwoo = Half Life 2

Jtello = ESPN NHL Hockey (cause he's such a bitchy commish ;) )

Orpheus = Socom (again because of fond memories of playing Travis way back when)

Nightwing = Halo 2 (he never freaking logs off! You know the guy is asleep half the time too. :thud )


Missing a load of other folks on this list but it's a start. I'll add more very soon.

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Great Thread idea


Buck - City of Heroes

J.Fo - Zelda

Pharmboy - WOW (used to play a lot)

PoisonJam- Mech Assault 1 (Those were the days)

dogbert - Samba De Amigo /T3 Redemp of course

kfredericks - Ninja Gaiden

gigapower - He plays games? ;) PSO Online

Ruffneck - Clone Wars

RingWraith - Return to Wolfenstein /Wrestling

Anothony Volpe- Otogi

Futurevoid- Fuzion Frenzy /MK2

Robot Monkey - Full Spectrum Warrior

Whooter -COH

Covak - Splinter Cell Pandora Tommorrow/R6

Cyberwoo - R6

Jtello - ESPN NHL Hockey

Orpheus - Socom 1

Nightwing - Halo 2

Starhawk- Any Wrestling game

Joboo-Tetris (im still pissed he beat me in that tourney):tu

Mrjames-Anything with shooting

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JoBoo: ESPn Football

CaptDS9E: Anything Live enabled

FutureVoid: Panzer Dragoon Orta

Buck: City of Heros

RuffNeck: Burnout 3 (He convinced me to buy it on release day) and leaving for 10 minutes. ;)

Mr. James: Rainbow Six

Bruce B.: ESPN Football (Curse you man)

Covak: Pandora Tomorrow

Nightwing: SOCOM

Orpheus: Champions of Norrath

Starhawk: WWE games

Whooter: City of Heros

dogbert: SEGA

kfredericks: Ninja Gaiden

J.Fo: Zelda

Carlucci: Halo series

Robot Monkey: Rainbow Six Co-Op

gigapower: Zima, since I don't believe he plays games :D

Jtello: ESPN Hockey



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gigapower = Madden 2005 ( Damn casual gamers :lmfao )


gigapower - He plays games? PSO Online

Man I loved PSO.

gigapower: Zima, since I don't believe he plays games :D

You and Romier should start a comedy group together :)


In all honesty though.....I can't remember the last game I played.

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Good start, guys! I have a few more I haven't seen mentioned yet:


  • Pharmboy -- Resident Evil
  • Big Daddy Bling Bling -- Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (because it was one of the first overlooked games he recommended on this forum)
  • Bobbio -- Mario Party (the war rages on)
  • Daniel Brecher -- The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker ("Dank you!")
  • Carlucci -- Halo 2 (He's still trying to beat it on Legendary?)
  • dogbert -- Bomberman (boy, did he kick my ass in that)
  • RingWraith -- Dead or Alive Ultimate (only because he plays the game in The Matrix)
  • gigapower -- Doom III (I hear he's a bit of an id head)


As for me, I'm not surprised to hear that everyone associates Zelda with me. However, I'm surprised that none of you have mentioned a some of the other series I obsess about (and I'm not just talking about Star Fox here, fellas).

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Buck = City of Heroes, Doom III, Far Cry

J.Fo = Zelda Four Swords

dogbert = Vib Ribbon

CaptDS9E = WWE Day of Reckoning, Star Wars Battlefront

Romier = Silent Hill 4, Fuzion Frenzy

Romier's wife = DDR

Robot Monkey = Ghost Recon, Zuma

Whooter = Rainbow Six 3

Orpheus = Halo 2 (More specifically having him toss me out of a Banshee yelling "F$#K YOU, EEEGER!!!!!!!!!")

Carlucci = Rainbow Six 3

gigapower = City of Heroes

Starhawk = Zelda Four Swords

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Buck = City of Heroes


I had to do something so I wouldn't be associated with Fatal Frame :P


FutureVoid= Panzer Dragoon Orta (I still wake up at night sometimes after having nightmares of what he did with my copy :wtf )


gigapower= MM3 (Back when he played games other than Madden, Kelley and I played this a lot)


Robot Monkey= RtCW (The first time I met him he was doing something on the documents)


RingWraith= RtCW (I haven't felt so close to God since)


CaptDS9E= DoA Ultimate (Has it been mentioned that I beat Joey in this game?)


dogbert= Samba De Amigo (There must be something in the water in Texas that effects Scotsmen with maracas :) )


Ruffneck= Midnight Club 2 (Yes it's a very strange choice, but we were the only two that played it online, all 4 minutes of it :lmfao )


Whooter= Typing of the Dead (Lets just say he was lucky I was there for moral support ;) )


PoisonJam= Moto GP (The good ole days of XBL beta :tu )


Starhawk= Super Smash Brothers (This is more for his sister who proceeded to kick everyone's ass with 1 attack :) )


J.Fo= Track and Field (Joey knows what I'm talking about :lmfao )

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Buck - City of Heroes (Will he ever quit???)

FutureVoid - Castlevania

CaptDS9E - Xbox Live in general

Whooter - WoW

PoisonJam - WoW

Robot Monkey - RtCW (don't let the monkey poo on the docs again)

dogbert - Samba de Amigo

Orpheus - pen and paper D&D

J.Fo - Star Fox (I think he was the only person to care about the new one)

gigapower - DOOM III (I am id's whore)

Ringwraith - NFL2k Series

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A couple more I wanted to add:


stencil = Ico

Big Daddy Bling Bling = Shadowhearts Covenant (cause he pimped it pretty heavy for a awhile)

Mr. James = Ghost Recon (Still remember the nights of co-op or deathmatch and James sniping someone from 1 million feet away. Scary.)

Bruce B = Baseball in general

Carlucci = Halo 2 (another one of those Calvin types. ;) )

Daniel Brecher = Rollercoaster Tycoon 3

Exile = Definitely Everquest 2 (one of the few folks I recognize playing the game here)

FreakTornado = Colin Mcrae/Rally games in general

Matt (Mr.Pig) = Links (Just cause of some of the really silly ass conversation Matt used to start in Links with Scott and I)

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FutureVoid = Panzer Dragoon Orta

Buck = PGR2

Gigapower = Doom (any)

JFo = Viewtiful Joe

Pharmboy = Resident Evil

Carlucci = Halo (both)

Robot Monkey = MM3 (where I first got to know Jay)

Merlot = MM3 (where he dominated)

DrunkOldMan = MotoGP2

Ruffneck = Amped 2, Links

Dogbert = Samba De Amigo, PGR2 (first time I heard that accent)

CaptDS9E = Crimson Skies, Everything Xbox Live

Stencil = WoW, Katamari Damacy

Whooter =WoW

PoisonJam = Jet Set Radio Future

NightWing = NFL2k series, Halo

Cyberwoo = TOCA

Sam P = GT3 and 4, TOCA

Jtello = NFL2K series

Kfred = Ninja Gaiden

RingWraith = Crimson Skies


Me = Colin McRae series, Tempest, Palm OS puzzle games

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J.Fo= Track and Field (Joey knows what I'm talking about :lmfao )

:lmfao Man anytime someone mentions that, the entire 30 seconds plays back in my mind. Funniest moment of a meet ever


CaptDS9E= DoA Ultimate (Has it been mentioned that I beat Joey in this game?)


Id say something but Romier would be short one writer;) j/k



Also Kelly playing PSO on Live is definatly something I miss. I remember you guys teaching me how to do all the neat stuff. Remember ITS DYNAMIC!!


Being associated with Xbox Live, Wrestling and SW aint a bad thing :tu

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Well,it's nice to see that not everyone associates me with just Halo 2 :)


I'll make up a small list,going old school...


  • JoBoo - SOCOM,NFL2K Series
  • Ringwraith - NFL2K Series,SOCOM,Return To Castle Wolfenstein
  • CaptDS9e - MechAssault,Crimson Skies,& XBL in general
  • Futurevoid - Castlevania,Silent Hill,SOCOM
  • Pudwacker - SOCOM
  • MrJames - SOCOM,Rainbow Six 3
  • stencil - SOCOM
  • gigapower - SOCOM
  • Orpheus - SOCOM,ESPN Hockey,Halo 2
  • Covak - Splinter Cell:Pandora Tomorrow
  • Sam P - Splinter Cell:Pandora Tomorrow
  • kfred,three eyed crow & JTello - Halo 2 (seems they are on more then me!)


I'll think of more later...

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