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Time to talk Baseball 2005

Bruce B

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I'm very excited about the upcoming season. I know there are alot of other teams in MLB but the rivalry between the Sox and the Yanks will be at an all time high this year. Here's a surprise prediction. Yankees 2005 World Champs.


Here is a tidbit taken from the web page at my place of employment:


Boston Red Sox World Series Trophy to Visit Jiminy Peak


Hancock, MA: The Boston Red Sox World Series Trophy will be at Jiminy Peak on Thursday, February 24th. The trophy will be on property from 9 am ? 10 am that morning. Viewing of the trophy will be in the Paul Major Welcome Center in the Village Center at Jiminy Peak. The trophy will visit several other locations in the Berkshires throughout that day.


Luckily I've been eating alot of fiber and plan to make an addition to the trophy this morning. :tu

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I don't really know how my Dodgers will do this year. They rebuilt their team yet again and with questionable players. Their pitching is really questionable. Luckily we have Dodgers stadium so some of these pitchers will do awfully well there.


That said, the Giants and Diamondbacks both got way better so the NL West will be crazy. The Dodgers/Giants rivalry will be intense too. I would bother will an argument that the Dodgers/Giants rivalry is bigger than the Yankees/Sox but as of the last year I don't know I can make that argument given how badly the Yankees choked.


The Cardinals and Braves are still my 2 favorites in the NL(not favorite teams in terms of likeability) and the Red Sox can't be counted against this year. They loaded up again!

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i have a bad feeling about the Dodgers this year. I think the Padres and Giants will be better.


The Dodgers pitching is good. Weaver and Odalis Perez are great, Lowe if he bounces back and Penny if he's healthy, and obviously Gagne.


The Dodgers hitting is terrible though. Except for Kent there infield is awful hitters.

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The older I get the more I love baseball, and that's already a lot to begin with! The Seattle Mariners had one of their worst seasons in years last year, and although they have a new manager and signed some Names, I hold little hope for them this year, but I'll still watch and listen on the radio, because a bad baseball game beats just about anything else during a nice summer evening!

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I love baseball, and I concur with Jordan, I enjoy it more each year. Of course, being a die hard Red Sox fan, this past year will be hard to top. :D


I bought MVP baseball, and I'm enjoying the game thus far. I'm glad the baseball video games come out at this time of year, as with spring training kicking off and fantasy baseball warming up, I need to a way to excercise my excitement for the game. I plan on creating my ballpark and setting out on the task of managing my team this weekend. :tu


I also enjoy the minor league baseball experience a whole lot too. Just this morning I was looking into tickets for various minor league games and I came across the AA All-Star game, which is being played at the home stadium of the Red Sox AA team, the Portland Seadogs.

Since the game is being played on during our already planned vacation time, I scooped up some tickets. My fiance and I will be on our Honeymoon the week before, and we were already planning on small road trips for the second week, so this fits right in. Ya gotta love a woman that loves sports! :D


Here's my small personal baseball Must Do Someday List:

1. Go down to sping training and catch a bunch of games.

2. Visit Wrigley for a game. ( Cubs/Sox ??? :rock )

3. Visit Pac Bell ( Or what ever the name is these days.)

4. Visit each of the Red Sox minor league affliates. ( Pawtucket: Done, Lowell: Done, Portland: Have Tickets,.....) (So far, my over all favorite minor league experience have been the Lowell Spinners games)

5. Take the Fenway Tour

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Well it appears Gagne is hurt for 4-6 weeks =/


A quick story: When I was young, I found out that my next door neighbor played for the Dodgers. His name was Bill Russell. He played Shortshop for them for many years and even managed for them. During the season and spring training I would mow his lawn for $40 a whack but that was a 2 acre lot. Took about 3 hrs on a riding lawn mower.


Anyway as I grew up he had players over and even Tom Lasorda and I was able to meet them. They even got us tickets to the games and we got to sleep on the same floor as them and get their discounts as well as get to hang out in the dugout alot. Needless to say I won't forget that.


On top of that he sponsored my baseball team(the Dodgers no less heh) and I continue to be a Dodger fan to this day even though he is not with the organization anymore.


Anyway, I still have signed balls from Sandy Koufax and the championship teams of the late 70's to the 88 team that won with Kirk Gibson.


So given that I've seen lots of great stadiums including the clubhouse and dugouts of:


Busch Stadium - Cardinals

Astrodome - Houston

Dodger Stadium - Duh :)


I've also seen games at Anaheim's old stadium, Wrigley field which is a religous experience in its own.


If you get a chance, go see a day game and you won't forget it and the ticket prices are GOOD during the day. The day I was there was crappy but I had a Chicago Dog/Beer and great seats to boot. The seats were about 20 rows back on the first base side down low for $17. Not bad eh?


Anyway thought I'd share.


My goals baseball wise are to see:

Spring Training especially in Vero Beach

PacBell park - might see it this year

Yankee Stadium - was crappy the last time I was there. Rainouts etc

Petco in San Diego

Fenway Park

Seattle's stadium

Baltimore's stadium


and many more.


We do have a local team and they are Double A squad that is under the Rockies Franchise. Needless to say they can't pitch :) They are reasonable to go see and dollar beer and 25 cent hot dog nights make it fun.


It's that time of the year and I'm loving it.


Sorry for the long post but Jtello inspired me.

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Im really looking forward to this season as a mets fan. With the addition of Pedro and Beltran i look for the mets to do some good this year. Im not predicting playoffs, i just would like to be off over .500 at the end of the year. Its also exciting to see some young players in Beltran, Reyes and my new favorite player 3B David wright.



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Exile, that's a pretty good baseball story. I don't have any as good as yours. Just that I was talking to an old fella some years back while vacationing in Florida and he turned out to be a really good buddy of Derek Jeter. I met him briefly and got an autograph from him.


The one baseball player I'd really like a personal autograph from would be Don"nie Baseball" Mattingly. All time favorite.


This year should be interesting in many divisions. I'm curious how the Tigers will do after throwing all that money to attract free agents.

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There are a few hints of spring starting to show through the dank days and it all signals one thing and thats the impending return of the greatest sport on earth. I feel hugely "connected" to something greater when I watch a game and its a feeling I don't really get anywhere else apart from the gaelic games but thats more of a nationality thing. Its Ireland's equivalent of the baseball aura that connects generations. I live in the UK, but baseball is my fave sport, I've never been to a ballpark and the only times I get to see games are when everyone else is in bed in the small hours of the morning.


About 8am over here when Ortiz hit the walk-off in game 4 against the yanks, I had stayed up all night and boy was it worth it :)


However I was unemployed then and now with the old job the late night games will have to cease, I will probably get mlb.tv so I can watch some of the day games at about 6pm here.


Anyway, sorry for the life story there, this season :) I'm not making any predictions as I never do really, let the baseball gods decide. I'm just looking forward to the divisional races so much. All those people who said Sox fans wouldn't know what to do or would lose interest if Boston won the series can think again. Rabid drooling wreck of a man here people. C'mon baseball! :rock

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So How about we get some predictions going for final standings.


AL East - Yankees

Al Central - Minn

Al West- Anahiem

Wild Card- Boston


NL East- Marlins

NL Central- St Louis

NL West- Giants

NL Wild Card- Atlanta


Al Championion - Yanks

NL Champ - Marlins


World Series Champs- Yankees


It sucks I know

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I'm going to go out on a few limbs here:


Al East: Red Sox - Locked and loaded.

Al Central: Chicago White Sox but Minny is a good pick

AL West: Oakland - Texas could be interesting..

Wild Card: Yankees though Anaheim could play spoiler too.


NL East: Atlanta- Don't have the offense to go farther..

NL Centra; ST Louis-Losing Renteria is huge.

NL West: Dodgers - I don't see any team in the West significantly better than each other- Liklely not enough offense to counter ST Louis

Wild Card: Marlins - Fashionable pick


AL Champ: Red Sox over NY again.

NL Champ: St Louis over Atl in the championship.


WS Champ: Red Sox(again).


Certainly if the pitching that the Red Sox picked up works for them, then look out. Big Gamble but not an expensive one given what they paid for them.

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AL East - NY Yankees. I'm one of the few that thinks Giambi will have a comeback season. He already looks good in spring training camp.

Al Central - Minn. I think this will be a close race with Cleveland. I still don't know how the Twins keep getting by on just mostly serviceable starting pitching aside from Santana and Radke. They need a better #2 or 3 to get anywhere in the playoffs.

Al West - Anahiem. Some subtle changes made them good enough to overcome Oakland and a high-octane offense in Texas.

Wild Card - Oakland, just barely over a self-destructing Boston club.


NL East - Marlins. They've got a ton of pitching potential.

NL Central - Cubs. Pitching is the name of their game, and with Sosa gone, I think they return to "small ball" rather than pinning their hopes on a slugger.

NL West - Giants. I think this is the last year they'll really contend while Bonds is excelling. The lineup is somewhat upgraded for a change. Alou is a darn good manager.

NL Wild Card - Astros, aren't they glad Clemens is back and Pettitte having his elbow repaired?


Al Champ - Yankees take care of the Angels.

NL Champ - Cubs, in a close one over the Giants.


World Series Champs - Cubs. They're overdue... watch for pigs flying.

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Had to resurrect this for the second half.


And last night's Yankee - Sox game sure felt good. I'm thinking Schilling, et al should be a little more quiet about their trash-talking this offseason, regardless of what happens.



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His first time out of the bullpen. Big deal. It was probably not the right place in a game for it' date=' but what can you do now?


Where were you when you were getting spanked 17-1 in the Bronx?[/quote']


Hey I'm always willing to take it. It's not up to me to post trash talk for myself. Go ahead and bring it when the time comes. Trust me - I took *tons* after last year. If you think there's a lack of anti-Yankee trash talking think again.


Big deal? Yes it was a big deal. Curt was talking shit all year, winking at Rivera while walking to the pen, and saying A-rod isn't a real Yankee. Had he kept his mouth shut no one would be on him for this. Do unto others, etc...


Then Mo goes out and strikes out some of the best hitters in the league after walking around with a big target on his forehead in terms of Boston hitters.


Yup. Big deal. To the Yankees, me, and thousands of other fans, yup.

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You would have loved me in the 80s if you think this is an inferiority complex.




It's just amusing because I have a friend that's a rabid Yanks fan (who actually agrees that Pay-Rod isn't a "real Yankee"), and I haven't heard a peep from him all season...until last night. I thought your timing and his was funny.... :P

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