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Broadband over fiber


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I live in Quincy Massachusetts. I currently have Verizon DSL, however I am moving soon and the new place (being brand new construction) has fiber wiring. No copper means no DSL. Can anyone suggest an affordable (I paid $30 a month for Verizon's DSL) broadband solution that is gamer friendly, is cable based, and doesn't have draconian terms of use?


Thanks in advance!

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Ok, new question. Does anyone here use Vonage, and what has their experience been like?

I use it and find it to be a fantastic service. but then again a lot of it also depends on you ISP's network, what all you are doing on that connection, and finally the performance of your router.

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I think a few people mentioned it on this thread. Basically, if you have Tivo or any other device that uses a phone line in an automated manner, it has a high probability of not working. But the main thing that has kept me away from any of the VoIP solutions is that I get the impression that if you're doing any heavy downloading (or just taking up most of your bandwidth in some other way) while you're trying to use the phone, the service can get pretty spotty. You could probably get around this with some packet shaping though, a quick google search brings this up.

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That's extremely helpful guys. I appreciate the feedback.


We don't use our landline very often as we both have cell phones, complete with the long distance calling. My girlfriend feels more secure with the landline, but in this case the money may cause her to re-consider. One of the cool things about this new building is that they can connect the door system to our cell phones so we can buzz people in from our cell. I hadn't thought about Tivo, I'll certainly need to consider how I'm going to get it connected without phone service...


Again, thanks for your help.

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So I have comcast now at a roaring 4000mbps download. I bought a Linksys WCG200 as it has the cable modem, router, and wirless access point built in. My goal was to get Tivo connected wirelessly, so I grabbed a DLink DWL-G122 as well. Turns out that you need Tivo's version 7 software to get the G adpaters to work (as well as USB 2) but I don't have that on my Tivo yet. I'm pretty much screwed: Tivo can't update without the connection and the connection won't work without the update. Looks like I'll be getting a telephone line for a little while at least so that I can get Tivo working again... Stupid technology...

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