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Name your game soundtrack collection!


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Ok, I'm not sure if anyone's had a thread about this recently, but since I'm a newbie in here...I'm sure you'll find it in your heart to forgive me. :)


Name your OST's of any console/PC games you have, and any OST's you'd want.

Maybe someone has what you need.


My OST's :

Ace Combat 4 ( PS2 )

Baldur's Gate 1&2 ( PC )

Baldur's Gate D.A. ( PS2 )

Blood Omen-Legacy of Kain ( PS1 )

Castelvania SOTN, Chronicles, LOTI ( PS1 )

Commodore 64 compilations ( Commodore 64 )

Cyber Speedway ( Saturn )

Daytona USA ( Saturn)

Diablo ( PC )

Diablo 2 and LOD and outtakes ( PC )

Doom 1&2 ( PS1 )

Final Doom ( PS1 )

Genesis compilations ( Genesis )

Golden Axe ( Genesis )

Goldeneye ( N64 )

Halo ( XBox )

Icewind Dale ( PC )

Ico ( PS2 )

Jet Set Radio Future ( XBox )

Killer Instinct-Killer Cuts ( SNES )

Killer Instinct Gold ( N64 )

MediEvil 1 & 2 ( PS1 )

Metal Gear Solid ( PS1 )

Mortal Kombat Trilogy ( PS1 )

Nightmare Creatures ( PS1 )

Oni Musha ( PS2 )

Panzer Dragoon ( Saturn )

Panzer Dragoon Orta ( XBox )

Rainbow 6 ( PC )

Sonic the Hedgehog ( Genesis )

Soul Reaver 1 & 2 ( PC )

Star Wars:Shadows of the Empire ( PC )

Streets of Rage 2 ( Genesis )

Rage Racer ( PS1 )

Tekken 2 and 3 ( PS1 )

Tenchu ( PS1 )

Tomb Raider 1-3 ( PS1 )

Virtua Fighter 1 ( Saturn )

Virtual Hydlide ( Saturn )

Warcraft 3:ROC ( PC )

Wipeout XL ( PS1 )


OST's I would like to have:


Medal of Honor ( PS1 )

Crash Bandicoot ( PS1 )

Need for Speed 1 ( PS1 )

Driver 1 ( PS1 )

Syphon Filter 1 ( PS1 )



Those are what I'm looking for now...maybe if I see someone else's list, it'll remind me of anything else I'd wanted.

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I have them on audio CD's. Using normal CDA files.

A few of them were copied from official soundtracks that came on CD's, but the majority of them were taken directly from the game itself, using PSMPlay.

But they were taken from the direct audio files on the game, which samples them at the full WAV bitrate, so the audio quality is perfect direct from the game.

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HAVE (on MP3 - ripped a while ago so the bitrate's probably substandard for most of you)

Chrono Cross (3 discs) EFFING AMAZING

Final Fantasy VIII (4 discs)

Final Fantasy IX (one disc best-of)

Final Fantasy X (4 discs) very very good


Halo 2

Parasite Eve (2 discs) awesome except for the opera-singer keyboard patch used in the songs - one song at the end was a remix sung by a human being

Parasite Eve II (2 discs) not as good, but decent

Tekken Tag Tournament - crazy stuff

Wipeout XL - essential


Technically I also have Final Fantasy X-2 but it's a Japanese version with copy protection, so every 10 seconds in every song there's this horrid skipping noise - I need to clean all of the songs up in a sound editing program



Diablo I

DIablo II


Otogi II

Panzer Dragoon Orta

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Wipeout XL - essential


Well, obviously. My list reads


Wipeout PS1

Wipeout Saturn

Wipeout - The Album

Wipeout 2097 PS1

Wipeout 2097 PC

Wipeout 2097 - The Soundtrack


Wipeout 3: Special Edition

Wipeout Fusion


Why yes, I am an obsessive. If only I can work out a decent way to get the music out of my Wipeout 64 cartridge, I'll do that, too.

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The only thing I can think to tell you, other than someone here already having the mp3's or WAVS of the music from that game, is to search online for them, or the emulators for N64 games, and try to get them, and that game, working on your computer, which should enable you to pull the sound files out of the game.

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Hey gents,


Being a big fan of videogame music in general and owning a rather large collection of soundtracks myself, I'd love to throw up a full list of my collection (though it would take a bit). It would be great to get an idea of how many people really appreciate videogame music in general. As far as trading/swapping is concerned, that is simply a no-no gentleman. No different than trading a movie/game and I'm sure you can understand where that becomes a problem. I'm not wanting to close this thread though as I'd like to continue it as a way to list our collections as well providing resources on where we can find legitimate downloads to some of our favorite soundtracks. Such as this:


Chronicle of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay OST provided by VUGames


The soundtrack is provided by the publisher in this case so we have no issue with this kind of stuff being posted and shared. Also I'll return in a bit and post some resources on where to buy some official soundtracks for good prices and I think we can also use this thread to discuss the difference between a real official soundtrack and the numerous bootlegs (Ever Anime)that show up all over the place to make sure you are getting a quality product.


I'm going to make a small edit to the thread title and remove the "swapping/trading" part as I have already discussed this thread with Jim (jhfagan) who is a great friend of mine in life away from the forum.


Thanks guys!




What OST's do you have and if you could find somewhere, purchased legitimately....would you want?


In the words of Frasier: "Don't you usually make a beeping noise when you back up that fast?" :lmfao

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I am the proud owner of the following official, legitimate, imported-from-Japan, non-HK, non-Son May, non Ever Anime CDs:


The Black Mages

The Black Mages II: The Skies Above

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (so the soundtrack is technically for

Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight)

Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix

Final Fantasy VII Piano Collections

Gitaroo Man


There's so many more that I absolutely love, though - many of them arranged and not OSTs. I'll have to pick up the following someday:



Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Vocal Collection: Pray

Final Fantasy Vocal Collection: Love Will Grow

F-Zero X Guitar Arrange

Katamari Damacy

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Symphony

Metal Gear Solid


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Ones I own...


Interstate '76


Myst III: Exile

Eternal Darkness


Wind Waker

Perfect Dark


And just off the top of my head, a couple I'd buy if they existed:



Total Annihilation


There are probably many more I'd like, but those two stand out in my mind because I play the music from them somewhat regularly.

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OST's I have:


Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Interstate 76



Myst IV

The Longest Journey

The Dig


Half-Life 2

Silent Hill 4

Mechwarrior 2

and a bunch of LucasArts adventure game mp3 (Grim Fandango, Monkey Island, etc)



Can't think of any OST's I want right now. Haven't played anything recently that wow'd me with its music (that I dont already have of course).



*Edit: Added SC:CT to the list.

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