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The RPG-tastic thread (non-MMORPG)


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Hey guys...


I was just going to post a thread about this RPG, but I noticed there aren't a lot of RPG folks in the house...but there are a few. I am a big RPG guys with very little time to play them these days. There are a LOT of RPGs coming out in coming months, so I thought one RPG-centric thread would be cool. The discussion about PC RPGs being non-existent these days made me think of it too.


It's also come to the point that I have to buy things before they end up rare. So it's good to know about the RPGs. Example: Valkryie Profile, Suikoden, etc.


Quick list in coming months that I could find:



Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana

Shining Tears (Action RPG)

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga

Musashi: Samurai Legend (Action RPG)

Arc the Lad: End of Darkness (Action RPG)

Sega Hits: Phantasy Star Trilogy

Wild Arms: Alter Code F



Jade Empire (I noticed there is an existing thread about this).



Dungeon Lords (RPG/Fighting game hybrid??)

Heretic Kingdoms

Restricted Area (Action RPG)





First question from me:




Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana


Anybody hear any buzz or anything on this game? It says release date is 5/24/05.


Any other RPG discussion is welcome, though.

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Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga is one I am looking forward too quite a bit. I still haven't finished Nocturne but I really dig the combat system and the ability to sway demons to your side. The story starts to pick up nicely towards the middle portion and having Dante around spices things up. The main area of interest for me with these games is the art style which I love. Digital Devil Saga is going to be very different in terms of combat and what not but the same level of high quality art seems to remain.


As far as Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, there is a nice feature on the game at RPG gamer you can read through. Sounds pretty interesting.



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Anybody familiar with Shadow Hearts Covenant? It's going to be on sale for $20 at EBgames next week and I've heard good things about it (metacritic rating 86/100). I've been trying to collect RPGs as they get cheap, because one day they are like $20 and the next year they are like $100. Even though I don't have time to play the ones I already have (Xenosaga I and BoF DQ are sitting unopened still).


Also, how is Growlanser Generations? I am very tempted to buy it even at $50 as I expect there aren't a lot of copies of it out there.

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Also, how is Growlanser Generations? I am very tempted to buy it even at $50 as I expect there aren't a lot of copies of it out there.
Check out BDBB's Growlanser Generations pimping thread.


Also, two tactical RPG's for the PS2 to keep on the radar:



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I created a separate thread for this but I'll repost a link to that thread here:


Shadow Hearts 3 is coming....


Shadow Hearts: From the New World takes place in America 14 years after Shadow Hearts: Covenant and its World War I setting. The main character is a blond, shorthaired 16-year-old boy named Johnny Garland, who lost his father and older sister in a car accident and suffers amnesia from the trauma. Johnny works as a young detective in New York, and his story begins after he witnesses a supernatural occurrence during his investigation to find an alleged criminal. Johnny will be accompanied on his adventure by a 21-year-old Native American named Shania, a shaman warrior of the Garvoy tribe. Together, Johnny and Shania travel around the continent, fighting monsters that suddenly appear from distortions that have been happening nation-wide. You?ll start out in the boroughs of New York such as Brooklyn and Chelsea, and eventually make your way to other regions such as Chicago and the Grand Canyon. Game system details haven?t been disclosed for Shadow Hearts: From the New World, but it?s confirmed that the Judgment Ring System will be in the game.
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Wow, I didn't know about that one, I only heard about Jade Empire. Anything Baldur's Gate esque is good with me. Never picked up Neverwinter Nights though because I'm not a big fan of actiony-RPGs - I like to have time to think and strategize. Baldur's Gate was basically a turn-based RPG thanks to the pause button.

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Some bad news for fans of Atlus RPG's like the Shin Megami Tensie series:




Atlus commented that it plans to whittle down both the number of home console titles it develops and its staff during FY2006. The company says that it plans to layoff 30 employees; about ten percent of its total workforce.


Looking ahead, the company expects a net loss of 380 million yen ($3.6 million) for the current business year starting April 1. It attributes these expected losses to initial investment towards new operations and costs associated with the establishment of additional amusement facilities.


I still need to head out and buy Digital Devil Saga. I've been meaning too for the past 2-3 weeks and haven't gotten around to it it.

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Oh no! Atlus makes good stuff. I just picked up Thousand Arms for $12 and Disgaea for $29 from the old guy at the Game Exchange (our local videogame store) last week.


Hope this puts them profitable again.


I've been watching all the PS2 RPG prices dropping. I recently also got Star Ocean (3) for PS2 for $20 and Shadow Hearts Covenant for $20 a few weeks before that at EB...watching the prices on Growlanser Generations, Digital Devil Saga, etc.


Ironically I had an RPG craving a few nights ago to play...guess what I ended up putting in the PS2? Final Fantasy Chronicles for PSX - FFIV. Ironic, somehow, playing SNES RPGs on my PS2.

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