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I'm having problems downloading extensions to Firefox. I go to the firefox extension web page and click on the install now icon. Firefox properly opens the Extensions window and suddenly displays the following error message:


Firefox could not install this item because "install-av7.rdf" (provided by this item) is malformed. Please contact the author about this problem.


This occurs on every extension I attempt to install. It's been an ongoing issue for quite some time on my system. I have the newest verison of Firefox and their website says the extensions I'm trying to install support this version.


Any thoughts?

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Hm, I've never had that issue Camp, but perhaps try re-installing FireFox? I know there was a new release of it the other day.


If ti comes down to that, try this:


Backup your Bookmarks/Cookies/etc.

Uninstall FireFox via the Add/Remove Programs.

Then delete the Mozilla folder in C:\Documents and Settings\YourUsernameHere\Applications folder.

Reboot, and reinstall FireFox.

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THe Mozilla folder located in C:\Documents and Settings\YourUsernameHere\Applications holds a lot of settings, so once you delte that, and re-install FireFox, you should be ok. If you don't delelte that folder, and subsequent re-installs of FireFox use the settings found in there, which could cause issues.

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