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Broken XBL headset?? Check out this mod...

Rob B


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Like many of you, perhaps, that own the XBL headset that came with the start up kit mine broke.


It broke at the part that connects the ear piece to the headset thing.


So for the last 5 months or so I had been using an old set of head phones to help hold the earpiece to my ear .... Until today


I was looking at it trying think of a way to get it so the earpiece would be able to be reattached to the original head piece.


I had thought about just gluing it back but had heard that it doesn't work so well.


This Is what I came up with today


Materials needed


1 Drill

1 #10 dill bit

1 cable tie


Drill a hole in the ear piece, on the "arm" that connected it to the head piece, between the speaker and the top of that "arm" DRILL SLOW


Next run a cable tie though that hole and around the spot it used to attach to. Pull tight making sure the nub of the tie is on the out side.


Cut of the excess part of the tie and this is should be the result.






close up




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My second headset broke yesterday and with X360 a little over three months away I didn't want to spend $30 on a new one. Went to Home Depot and picked up a drill bit and a pack of zip ties. Nobody knew what a #10 bit was so I just grabbed the smallest ties they had and told them to show me the smallest bit that will allow the ties to fit through. It took less then five minutes to drill holes into both of my headsets and attach the zip ties.


Works great



Props to Bobbio



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