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LAW Live Action Wrestling (56k Beware!)


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A good friend of mine wrestles for a promtion called L.A.W Live Action Wrestling, based out of Sanford, NC. Some big stars have been a part of LAW here and there including, Jeff Hardy, Buff Bagwell, Lex Luger, Jimmy Hart, Lodi, Matt Hardy, CW Anderson, Ric Steiner, and more.


They've been growing lately, recently pulling higher local ratings than WWE's own Velocity. Last night they had one of their biggest shows, "Unlawful Intentions" where some matches will be shown on the regular TV broadcast, and others are going to be exclusive to a DVD they will be releasing soon.


My buddy, Tommy, plays "Sean Alexander 'The Great'" and is part of the tag team "Fame & Fortune" with his partner Brad Hunter. They have been long running LAW Tag Team Champs until last nights Tag Team Gauntlet Match where they finally dropped the straps. They have a great gimmick that usually cracks me up, and they are awesome wrestlers.


I took some pics from the show last night, and I might get hired to do some ringside photography for an upcoming show. I know alot of wrestling fans here and thought you might be intersted in this. :)






Buff Bagwell getting chopped:




Brad Attitude. This guy always reminds me of a yound Shawn Michaels:












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