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Anyone want to play an online RPG on the Gamecube? It's coming (Homeland)

Romier S

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The game is called Homeland and IGN recently posted a small news article/preview with some information on the game:




Like any game of this type, HomeLand will feature combat, complete with special attacks and magical spells. One of the most interesting aspects of HomeLand is the "hand holding" system, where you link with other characters in the game by holding hands. Forming a chain with fellow HomeLand denizens boosts your statistics and abilities, depending on the abilities of the characters you're with, of course. You can join strong characters to fight vicious monsters, or join hands to shield a struggling character from attack. It's a pretty unique approach, and well suited for online play, where you'll most likely need to find able-bodied characters to join your team. Chunsoft has yet to release specific information on how these character chains will pan out, or how the company plans to balance a character's abilities, but you can expect something unique.


I've also uploaded some screenshots for those interested. The game will ship with two discs. The first is the single player portion of the game. The second will include the online portion which supports up to 30 players online simultaneously. Here are some screens:





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I doubt this'll be released in NA, but stranger things have happened, I suppose. I'm not quite as enamored with the way the game has turned out as I was when I first saw the character and background designs a year and a half ago. It hasn't translated to 3D as nicely as I had hoped. If it does make it out over here, I'd give it a look, but I'm not sure if it's something that I would buy.

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The second will include the online portion which supports up to 30 players online simultaneously.


I'm glad to hear that all the people who have the GameCube network adaptor will be able to play this online at the same time. ;)

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A couple of tidbits about the game:


Release date is April 29. Pre-orders are now open.

They will send 1000 pre-orders (random) a demo version that starts March 15th.

Cost is 5800 yen (or 6800 with BB Adaptor bundle) (about $55/$65 US)

It can only be purchased online at Chunsoft's website:



Some movies for the game can be found here:



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