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Star Wars: Republic Commando

Chris F

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I picked this up earlier tonight, and I'd love to get some Live time with it. Seems pretty standard as far as game modes go - DM, Team DM, CTF & Assault. But the maps look nice, and are quite large.


I don't expect many people to buy this game, but if you like Star Wars, I don't think you'll be disappointed.


I'm thinking about starting a room up around 8PM EST. If anyone wants to plauy, just drop me a line and we'll blow some shit up.

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Good games tonight indeed. Had a great time Joey, Dean and Lord Darkness. That last map was indeed brutal. Definitely not something meant for 4 players but the second map on Kashyyk was a blast. The multiplayer is definitely "vanilla" for the most part. Nothing to really stand it apart from allot of other games out there besides the unique "Star Wars-ish" weapons but it was allot of fun nonetheless. :tu Hopefully we can get a few more people on. If we can get 6-8 we can try some capture the flag.

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