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Yoshiki Okamoto and Tetsuya Mizuguchi to make exclusive Xbox 2 games

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Game Republic's Yoshiki Okamoto and Q Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi to create Exclusive Content for Microsoft Game Studios


"My goal in creating these games is to make completely fresh and riveting experiences that gamers have never had before," said Okamoto. "With the next-generation Xbox platform, I can turn this vision into a reality." Mizuguchi, who founded Q Entertainment in 2003, is the creative force behind a litany of innovative blockbusters including SEGA Rally Championship, Rez and Space Channel 5. Gamers worldwide have long been attracted to Mizugchi's distinctive style that blends music and action.


"By combining various factors, including exciting storylines, action, graphics and music, I've created video games that have brought gamers the ultimate fun in gaming," said Mizuguchi. "Now, I hope to create games that will give gamers the most emotional and thrilling gaming experience possible - joy, thrills, sympathy and speed. The power and advanced technologies of the next-generation Xbox platform will enable winning games with powerful emotions, high-quality graphics and sound."


Awesome! Xbox 2 is really on a roll...

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There is already some discussion going on about this topic in the Mistwalker thread Eric. I may need to rename that again to further give details on this exciting new. I'll go ahead and close this topic out though. In the meantime please feel free to go here to contiue the discussion on the topic:





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