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MVP Baseball or 2k5?


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I want a baseball game and have only messed with MVP a bit while at Best Buy the other day. I didn't get a chance to mess with 2k5 as it wasn't on the shelf.


The minor league play of MVP interests me but I'm not sure 2k5 has that or not. I generally prefer the ESPN interface etc and I don't play online so this is single player career/franchise mode only.


So what are the pros vs cons on this? I haven't seen a comparison and the only thing I know right now is the cost difference which is pretty neglible anyway to me. If it was $49 vs $19, then my decision is made but it isn't.


I could care less about the whole EA hate, so spare me here :)


I know this is partially covered on the MVP thread but there isn't a 2k5 thread yet and I'd prefer not to further hijack the MVP thread. If this is wrong, please do with this thread as you wish mods.

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I haven't played this years MLB, but I did play last years game, for what that's worth.

I got MLB this year.

I would definately say that, now that the initial 'newness' phase has worn off, I think MVP is one of the best baseball games I've played in many years.

One of the guys I work with did buy this year's MLB. He was looking forward to it after last years game which he liked. So far he's not too impressed with this years game. He said he doesn't care for the fielding and the advanced controls are too complicated for his tastes. He's already switched to the basic classic controls.

I have generally bought the recent ESPN baseball and football games. And although I love the football games, the baseball hasn't really grown on me. I'm glad I made the choice to go with EAs offering this year. It's definately a great game.


EDIT: Let me mention, 1. MVP does annoy me that it's not Live aware and 2. You have to sit and stare at a challenge screen while waiting to see if the one person is interested in accepting your request.

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I still haven't made my baseball decision for this year, but I have been paying attention to msg boards. (I find sports game reviews to be completely useless)


From what I have read 2k5 has the typical VC/Kush bugs which have plagued the espn hockey franchise. From all acounts MVP sounds really good, with the exception of the owner mode/build a stadium feature.


I'm still waiting for MLB 2006 on PS2, so I can see what the reaction is to that game.


So far I have eliminated 2k5 and it's down to MVP and MLB. I think both games will be excellent so my "one baseball game" decision might come down to price as MVP appears to be full price in Canada (59.99) and MLB is a little cheaper.


Edit: Looks like futureshop has adjuted MVP's price to $39cdn. Yay :)

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