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FS/FT: Misc. Game/Movie Memorabilia


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Hey guys - I offered this stuff for trade on CAG for a while, but I wasn't getting many takers (or people were being real cheapasses and not accepting reasonable offers). I thought I'd see if anybody here might want some of it. If you see something you like, let me know... I hope these prices don't seem too high, but because of the awkward shape on some of these, shipping stuff flat or rolled gets a bit pricy. I'll also accept trade offers if you've got anything you're looking to get rid of.


Of course the Xenogears case is only in most of these photos for size reference. I'm selling it separately, so it's not included with any other items (I don't think there's anybody here stupid enough to think that, but I just want to CMA).


You can click on the thumbnails to open larger images.


Xenogears CD case and manual - original Squaresoft, non-greatest hits edition. I lost my original copy of the game years ago when the discs were in a CD wallet. I just bought another original complete copy of the game, so I don't need another copy of the case and manual. Everything is in very good condition - the case includes both inserts and the manual is in good condition (there is some very slight wear on the outside cover of the manual). If you're like me and hate seeing those bright-green spines on your shelf, you can replace your Greatest Hits-edition case with this one. $12 shipped.




Dead Or Alive 2 poster - foil/holographic process on heavy stock, featuring Tina, Kasumi, Helena and Ein. I'm not sure, but I think this poster is from the Dreamcast release of DOA2. Measures 19" W by 28.5" H. In great condition - very minor wear on one corner. $15 shipped.




Final Fantasy VIII oversized promotional boxes - I have two of these. They are about 13.75" W by 16" H unassembled, and about 11.75" W by 10" H when assembled into the shape of a game box. Heavy card stock, glossy finish, very nice. $15 each, shipped.




Double-sided VINYL promotional posters - these are very nice double-sided banners printed on heavy vinyl. They measure about 19" W by 35" H. The Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and Star Wars Episode I: Racer are on different sides of the same banner. $15 each, shipped.


Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and Star Wars Episode I: Racer




Saving Private Ryan




Tomorrow Never Dies




Mortal Kombat II poster - I can't remember exactly how I got this, but I'm pretty sure Acclaim must have mailed it to me. It's got movelists and fatalities for the SNES, Game Boy, Genesis and Game Gear versions of the game, and profiles of each character. It measures about 22" W by 28" H. Since it was mailed to me flat there are creases that show a little bit of wear, but overall it is in good condition. $10, shipped.






If you would like to see more images of any of these items, please let me know and I'll try to be accommodating.

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