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Delta Force: Black Hawk Down (Xbox) to support 50 online players

Romier S

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Recent report on Gamespot:




NovaLogic today revealed that its forthcoming Xbox game, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, will support up to 50 online players per session, shattering the Xbox Live standard of 16 concurrent players and making it the largest gaming session available to Xbox Live users. The game is scheduled for release on April 26 and is being developed by UK developer Climax.


NovaLogic previously laid claim to the world record for most concurrent players in a first-person shooter with 160 gamers playing its PC game Joint Operations, a notion that was challenged by Sony Online Entertainment's PlanetSide.


Very cool. :tu

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I haven't seen any official word of this on any major news outlets, but EBgames recently updated thier release lists and show Delta Force on the Xbox having been moved to a new release date of 7/19.




Gamestop still has the 6/21 release date so it will be a matter of waiting to see if they also change what they have thier systems.

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Nice article Brian. I remember playing the demo for Black Hawk Down on the PC and enjoying it. Though I never played the multiplayer. I may keep an eye on the Xbox version for it's single player. I'm a bit burned out on the military squad based style games in general but I'm interested. A coop mode would be great online also. :tu

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TeamXbox has thier review up of the game. Gave it an 8.0 and are very positive on it:




Delta Force - Black Hawk Down is a very complete first-person shooter due to the various modes included in the game. The Xbox Live multiplayer action is the most notable gameplay type, including up to fifty players per match. Online matches over 32 players must use a dedicated NovaWorld server, which is designed to eradicate any type of lag from a weak game host connection. You can also play Novalogic-hosted matches with less than 33 players too, which will drastically reduce lag. If the game creator has a strong enough connection, he/she can surely host a larger match, but you’ll want to take special note of the connection strength icons as you search matches. It’s best to join peer-to-peer matched which show 3 or 4 check-marked boxes, which indicates a strong connection speed.


Mixing up the multiplayer action a bit more are character specialties which give player advantages/disadvantages on the battlefield. You can choose from a Sniper, Close Quarters soldier, a machine gunner, and a medic. It’s pretty obvious what each one of these can and can’t do on the field. For instance, the sniper has proficiency with various scoped rifles, and the machine gunner has the strength and skill to handle weapons like the M60 and the 249 SAW. The medic will be able to locate and heal wounded men, and the close-quarters warrior is proficient with the many assault rifles and of course the combat knife. The sweet thing is that these classes and their subsequent weapon load-outs can be changed mid match by locating an armory. The armory allows gamers to change from say, an M21 sniper rifle to an M82A1, or, change from a sniper to a medic if that’s what the C.O. wants. Helping the commanding officer communicate with what could be a 25 man team are some snazzy Communicator functions. Delta Force - Black Hawk Down is set up for proximity send and receive, but a quick press and hold of the White button will allow transmission to your team only.


Really considering picking this one up tommorrow. The single player is solid (which I know having played the PC game) and the multi is intriguing. Since the game has actualy servers supporting a large group of players I won't mind hopping on with the masses. It's more enjoyable playing with you guys, but I don't expect many will be playing this so...

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Just got off of Live after playing for a few hours and I have to say I am not dissapointed, first match I got into was on a dedicated server and was 24 on 25 team deathmatch, no lag, no slowdown. I love the combat too, lots off far away supressing fire going on, no close up circle strafing stuff, you can't pilot or drive the Humvees or Blackhawks but you can jump on the HV's to fire the 50 cal or jump into the blackhawks when they land to snipe or use the mini gun. Maps I played were huge, lots of alleyways and passages, gunfire going off all over, the sound of the mini gun whiring from above. The graphics are a bit dated but that doesn't bother me too much, my main complaint was the looong load times and the difficulty in joing a game, lots of server full's and no longer available's. Right before I logged off to eat dinner I got into a Novalogic server running deathmatch, there was 61 players playing and no lag :tu

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