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DVD Roundup 2/6- 2/12


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Friends S9 $27.99

Buy 2 Save $10, Buy all 9 save $120

Ladder 49 Low Price

Marry Poppins $14.99

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids $15.99

Ring two pack with free Ring 2 movie ticket $16.99

Tough Enough on smackdown $15.99

Flight of the Pheonix $19.99

SI Swimsuit Edition DVD set $24.99

Green Acres S2 $22.99

Mr Ed. S2 $22.99

21 Jumpstreet S2 $29.99

South Park S5 $39.99

Charmed S1 $39.99

Miami Vice S1 $39.99

Felicity S4 $44.99

Xena S6 $54.99

2 for $20

LOTR - All 3 movies (seperate)

Last Samuri

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Pulp fiction

Kill Bill V1 and V2

Along Came Polly

Starsky and Hutch

Ali G

Dawn of the Dead

9 1/2 Weeks

Van Helsing


Cheaper by the dozen

Johnson Family Vacation

A Cinderella Story


Willy Wonka

Scooby Doo 2

The Iron Giant SE

Bourne Identity

Good Will Hunting

Pearl Harbor


Sixth Sense

Taking Lives

Pitch Black

Blue Collar Comedy Tour


Circuit City

Ladder 49 Best Price

Ring two pack $14.99

Exorcist Beginning $17.99

Friends S9 $27.99

Bambi $19.99

Spongebob $19.99

Shrek 2 $14.99

Passion of the Chris $15.99



Trading Space

Private Parts

Indecent proposal


The Edge

Lake Placid

Point Break

The Life of David Gale

The last castle

the wood

Get in the bus


Basic Instinct

What Dreams may come true


Urban Cowboy

Universal Soldier

Ghosts of Mars

Vanilla Sky

Generals Daughter



Day After Tommorow

Man under fire

Kill Bill V1

Kill Bill V2

Pirates of the Carribean

Chronicles of Riddick

Van Helsing

LOTR Return of the King

Walking Tall

The Bourne Identity

Soul Plane

The Punisher



Ladder 49 Low Price

Friends S9 $29.99

Ring 2 pack $17.99

Felicity S4 $44.99

21 Jumpstreet S2 $27.99

Sweet Valley High S1 $29.99



Never been kissed

Bad Boys

Austin Powers

Die Hard

Bill Cosby

Young Frankenstein




Mystic River

Resident Evil

Last Samuri

Old school

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