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Gaming related press releases


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How would one go about receiving video game related press releases? Is there a service? -is there a way to add an email address to the list of interested media?


There are literally hundreds of amatuer gaming sites on the Internet and many seem to be feeding off the same source of press releases. I'd like to obtain the same sources these sites use -to save me from having to hunt down specific inf I might be interested in.


I'm just ignorant about the PR part of the industry. I'm sure such use of an email address would get tons of junk press relases but I was considering setting up a gmail account specificly for this purpose.

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I believe it comes down to contacting individual companies and being placed on a press list. Most companies will take a look at the kind of readership and visits your site has to determine a specific "tier" to place you in and what materials you are shown. Allot of amateur sites sign up for "press" services that feed them allot of the same information as you noted Camp. There are various services around. One of the bigger ones I used to have the site link too but I can't remember the name of it now for the life of me. It was vgpress or something along those lines. I'll see if I can dig it up though you must have an up and running website and meet certain qualifications to become part of thier service.

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There's a number of press release "clearing houses", none of which are exhaustive I imagine. Off the top of my head, have a look at Games Press, PRWeb, and 'Video Gamin Network' (this is the source of a lot of amateur sites' news, and has a giant clique of whiny gits in their forum/members areas, allegedly).


I think vgamin is the site Romier's referring to. As he says, through these sites, you're effectively getting the news 'second hand', but that's no big deal for what you're looking for, I imagine.

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