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Changes happening at Sony...

Romier S

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Found this article this morning. Ken Kutaragi, the man credited with helping to establish the Playstation name is resigning his position on Sony's board of directors and will again take charge of Sony's gaming division. More details here:


Kutaragi stepping down to take charge of game division


The father of the PlayStation is stepping down, at least in a more reduced role. This morning, Ken Kuturagi announced that he is renouncing his job as a member of the Sony board and will once again take charge of the company's gaming division.


I'm waiting to see this news confirmed at several other key sites. However, if this is indeed true, this marks a big change in Sony leadership. If you continue to read the rest of the article you will note that Sir Howard Stringer was named the first foriegn chairman of the company.

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I don't want to hijack this thread, but speaking of Miyamoto, I read something interesting in the February issue of Game Informer about a BBC documentary about Nintendo that aired in April 2004. Here's a quote:


Potter pressed Miyamoto on why he has never received royalties on any of his creations (which earned Yamauchi a fortune of over $1.4 billion), choosing instead to remain a salaried employee.

I wasn't aware that was the case with his employment status... but I have heard Miyamoto has not been happy about the way some of his creations have been treated. I was watching an episode of Icons about Donkey Kong on G4 the other day and Steven Kent (author of "The Ultimate History of Video Games") told a story about how angry Miyamoto was with what Rare had done to DK's gameplay.

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Some more news on the Sony restructure:





Today, Sony announced a major reshuffling of its board of directors. As a part of the changes, Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi, 54, will step down from his position as executive deputy president of the Sony group. Industry watchers were stunned at the announcement, as Kutaragi had been considered a likely candidate for the top spot at Sony. He will remain with Sony as the head of the SCE gaming division and will also be given a new title, that of group executive officer, as of April 1.


In addition to resigning as executive deputy president, Kutaragi will also step down as head of Sony's home electronics and semiconductor solutions divisions. The home electronics division will be taken over by executive deputy president Katsumi Ihara, 54, who has been seen as Kutaragi?s main rival for the top spot at Sony. Unlike Kutaragi, Ihara will continue to hold his position as executive deputy president on the board. The semiconductors solutions division will be managed by Sony executive deputy president Ryoji Chubachi, 57.


Very big stuff happening. Just a complete change in corportate structure for Sony in general.

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