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Debra Hill, RIP


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She produced some of my favorite movies, including HALLOWEEN and THE FOG.


She co-wrote them too!


Thanks for posting this. 54 is no age at all...It?s terrible. No news source seems to note the cause of death at this time. She certainly had a great deal of excellent credits to her name which are hard to dismiss.



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Halloween is the absolute pinnacle of the slasher genre for me. I love the movie and it ranks in my top 3 favorite films I've ever watched. Debra Hill had a big hand in it's creation and in giving me one of my most adored films. It's not only her writing though but all of her work as a producer that has brought so many good films to the screen. Her work with John Carpenter will always stand out to me being a complete horror junkie and to hear of her death at such a young age is tragic and disheartening.


R.I.P Debra. I know this horror fan will miss you. :(


Here is a news story about her passing and her battle with cancer.



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