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Have any of you heard of a game called Darwinia? It seems like an interesting strategy game. A Eurogamer reviewer really likes it.


There's a demo out and I plan to try it. Did anyone here give it a whirl already?


I saw it at MacWorld' date=' it looked quite interesting, but I don't think there's a Mac demo yet. The Mac version is in (closed) beta, it's being developed by Ambrosia software, one of the best Mac developers there is. I'm looking forward to checking it out.

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Hadn't heard of this game until it hit Steam. I just played the first 3 areas tonight and it's awesome. It seemed really simple at first, but then the 3rd area throws some interesting new things your way, and it looks like it'll only continue to get better and better.


Totally funky RTS gameplay, not quite like anything else I've played before. Like Super Monkey Ball, it takes me back to the more simple game days when great games were built on a foundation of simple, fun gameplay.

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So there's an ehanced Darwinia available for Vista:


We're delighted to announce that after many months of hard work a Vista version of Darwinia has been released.


Its been a fantastic opportunity, not only because we believe that Darwinia is a perfect addition to the Vista game package but also because it represents a major stepping stone for Introversion to work with one of the major players in the industry. Hopefully this will enable us to work with Microsoft again in the future.


The Vista version of Darwinia is available from the MSN Vista games page, which is really great news since it's such a popular site, and is sure to bring lots of new people to our game. Also getting Darwinia on that page on Vista's launch day is really good news for us.


Vista users will now be able to see the following enhancements to Darwinia:


- Porting of the Darwinia graphics system from OpenGL to DirectX has enabled new and enhanced visual effects, for example, screen warping explosion effects, reflective water, and Darwinian soul 'auras'. We've really gone to town with pixel shader effects and the end result is the best looking version of Darwinia we've ever made.


- Support of the Xbox 360 controller. If you own a 360 controller just plug it into your PC's USB port and Darwinia will pick it up automatically.

- Support of the new Vista parental control system

- Three new Darwinia levels designed by Gary Chambers (Icepick) : Jailbreak, Stronghold and Doomsday

- Availability on both games explorer menu and Vista media centre

- Rich saved games option allowing you to launch Darwinia by double clicking the save game from windows explorer


There's also a patch coming to bring the enhancements to old, non-Vista versions, which I'm looking forward to. I'm super excited to play through this game again.


And then there's this...






February 28, 2007: London


The self-proclaimed ?last of the bedroom programmers?, Introversion Software, confirmed rumours today that they are working on a multiplayer version of their hit title Darwinia for the PC. Multiwinia is currently estimated for a 2008 release and will be a whole new standalone product, combining elements of the award-winning Darwinia, with the addition of multiplayer support which will enable both co-operative and competitive battles between massive Darwinian armies. As well as the traditional single player mode, Multiwinia will offer a series of separate game modes, each with a number of unique levels offering a variety of new challenges.


Of course, 360 controller support being added to Darwinia along with this Multiwinia announcement (and that "Hopefully this will enable us to work with Microsoft again in the future." line) have people wondering if Darwinians might be making their way to Xbox Live Arcade. Either way, I'm SUPER excited. Having it on Live Arcade would be extra dreamy, though.

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Multiwinia is fucking awesome! :D I was excited by the videos, but they don't really do justice to the chaos of actually playing it yourself.


Darwinia+ is still coming to the 360 sometime this fall, I think. It controls alright with a 360 pad, so I may pick that up just to play on LIVE.

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Oh, there's a demo.


I think the game is a riot :) It's a fast-paced RTS (10 or 15 minute time limits by default) with Mario Kart style balancing. Loads of crazy powerups. A 4-player free-for-all becomes quite a mess with different forests planted all over, air strikes going off all over the place, ants running amok, and so many other crazy things. Sometimes Evilwinians or Futurewinians show up and start taking over like some nasty AI plague, turning the game into a fight for survival rather than domination.


I just won a game by saving a nuke, flame turret, and armored transport until the last minute. I nuked one of the bases of the guy in first place to bring him down a point. The second place guy said "thanks!" like I was doing him a favor, but the armored transport and flame turret were used to spring a vicious surprise attack on an undefended base of his. I snatched first at about the 1 second mark. Good times :) It usually doesn't go nearly that well, but it's always a fun mess either way. The players all seem friendly so far, which seems great to me since I'm used to LIVE people.


After playing so much competitive Company of Heroes recently, it's really fun to relax with a lighter RTS that you can't really take so seriously.


The AI isn't anything special, but it can be fun to play against 3 hard ones on a big map with no time limit, slowly but surely taking over the whole thing.

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