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Noboru Sugimura, scenario and scriptwriter for Onimusha, Resident Evil dies...

Romier S

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I know a great many of you are wondering exactly who Noboru Sugimura was. It's a fair question and to be honest this news is a bit old and I had wanted to post this earlier. It completely slipped my mind but thankfully a good friend reminded of it today. Any fan of Capcom's games will especially find this news tagic. Noboru Sugimura helped to shape the games Capcom released for a very long time. His credits include games like Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry, Onimusha and I have heard some mention of him being involved in the recent Zelda game, The Minish Cap. I have not been able to get any details on how he died as news reports have been quite vague. Either way this is a tragic blow to fans of Capcom games and games in general. Take care Sugimura and may you find that great big script in the sky.


You can read more more on his death here .

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Glad you finally got round to posting about this. It took a while before any kind of significant confirmation came to light. I remember when you told me over AOL last week and we were both trying to confirm it.... I had hoped it was false information, but it's sad to see it was true (though we?re still unable to find out the cause of death). It?s a major loss. I?m just surprised the news has not been covered wildly in the gaming press in the past week.



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