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Make your own game movie..(56k warning)

Romier S

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Yeah, it's a bit of a cliched topic to cover but I've always liked creating some fun "dream" casts for my favorite games. I have an even better time at it when I'm reading other peoples input as well as thier own casts.


This is a pretty much open topic. You can post a cast for whatever game you wish or you can post an alternate cast for a game others have posted. If you want to include pics please do so. If you need a place to host them, you can contact me and I'll do my best to help.


I'll get the ball rolling with my first movie cast:




Lead Role/Main Villain: Dante/Vergil




Dante and Vergil are the twin sons of the demon Sparda who gave up his powers to seal the doorway to hell. While both characters look identical, Dante is a cockey over the top party animal with a free-spirited attitude. While Vergil is an extremely deadly killer with a stone faced expression and little emotion behind his eyes. I believe the perfect character to play both roles is Spike himself:


James Marster




Marsters has the chops to pull off Dante's over the top cockiness as well as the evil demeanor of Vergil with pinache. Any fan of Buffy can tell you the guy is charasmatic and after racking my brain for awhile, I couldn't imagine anyone else playing Dante.


Leading lady (literally): Lady




Lady is a demon hunting mystery girl who shows up at the Temen-igru (the demon tower) to kill the demons trying to infest the world. She is extremely quiet and does most of her talking with her rocket launcher, and her fists. She's an effective fighter and an extremely attractive young woman. Her youth however makes her quite inexperienced. My choice to play Lady:


Katie Holmes




Katie is an beautiful young woman but has a youth about her that I think translates well to this character. She needs to bring presence to Lady and judging from the picture above, I have little doubt she can do that. Holmes is also a decent actress as seen in some of her work such as Wonder Boys and 2000's The Gift.


Supporting Villain: Arkham




Arkham is Vergil's mysterious benefactor. He wears a scar on the left side of face due to some spell gone awry in his past. Little of Arkham is knows besides his unmitigated power as a sorceror and his belief that he can harness the powers of hell. My selection:


Ben Kingsley




Anyone that has seen Schindler's List can do little to argue the acting ability of Mr. Kingsley. He also has a very strange look about him that works well for Arkham. Given that he has signed for something as craptacular as BloodRayne, I don't see why Ben wouldn't lend his talents to a movie like Devil May Cry if the production was actually well done.




So there you have it. My first "dream" cast for a more recent game. Very little in the way of characters in DMC3 to be honest but the story remains very effective regardless. If you have other folks in mind to play these parts, I look forward to hearing your suggestions. If you have another game you wish to tackle, by all means...

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Romier and I were discussing this subject tonight, trying to come up with ideas for casting in a movie based on Metal Gear Solid 3. I won't go into all the ideas we came up with, but I will say that Romier was spot on in nominating Hugh Jackman for the role of Snake. Have him grow a beard, throw on some battle fatigues, a bandana, and let him chomp on a cigar and you'll see Snake come to life. I also suggested that the DVD release of the film could have alternate camera angles so that you can stare at EVA's chest if you like. :D


Anyway, there is a game I'd like to see be made into a movie (and no, it's not The Legend of Zelda although that would be cool too), and I have some casting ideas in mind for the leads. Before I share them though, I need to grab some pictures of the game characters and the actors that I think are right for the part. Hopefully I'll be able to get them up sometime tomorrow night. In the meantime, you'll all just have to wait in breathless anticipation.

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Anyone that has seen Schindler's List can do little to argue the acting ability of Mr. Kingsley.


More pertinently, no-one who has seen Sexy Beast can doubt his ability to be absolutely bloody terrifying when angry...


When you've finished getting James to make DMC3, can he be persuaded to keep the big floppy blonde wig for a starring role in Resident Evil 4? More to the point, can we kick Paul Bloody Anderson out of the studio and give writing and direction duties to Romero, like they should be?

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When you've finished getting James to make DMC3, can he be persuaded to keep the big floppy blonde wig for a starring role in Resident Evil 4?


As Leon you mean? I don't know if I can see James playing Leon. I'm thinking someone more bulky. Maybe Ill do RE4 next.

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Okay, after some not-so-careful thought, and almost no consideration, I present to you my choices for the leading cast in the upcoming blockbuster BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL.


Jade: Played by Jessica Alba



I picked Alba for Jade because she's about the right age, hot as hell, and can be tough when she needs to be. Jade needs all of these qualities if she's going to be an effective heroine, and I think Alba could do a decent enough job of playing her. Did I forget to mention how hot she is? ;)


Uncle Pey'j: Performed and Voiced by Andy Serkis



Let's face it: Pey'j is a big, human-like pig creature. The best way to bring him to life is through the use of CGI technology and motion capture. We all know how wonderfully Andy Serkis broght Gollum to life in The Lord of the Rings, and with him working with Peter Jackson to bring King Kong to life in the upcoming remake (using the same technology), he's certainly no stranger to the process of motion capture and expressing himself through his motions.


Additionally, he also has demonstrated some exceptional voice work, playing several characters in The Lord of the Rings in addition to Gollum. I'm certain he would be able to imitate Pey'j's gruff voice well enough.


Double H: Played by The Rock



Okay, this one was mostly because of the physical similarities. Double H is a tough part to pick because he needs to be funny at first, but he also needs to be big, strong, and dedicated to his mission. Whether or not The Rock has the acting chops to pull it off, I can't say for certain. Physically though, he's a perfect match for Double H.


What do you think?

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Resident Evil 4


I've been playing this all week, so it's gotten in my head.


First of all, as your hero Leon.... LEO!




This is not an accident, folks. Leo should get his legal department on it.


Second, playing the mysterious supporting character Luis... Antonio Banderas!




Obvious, yes, but what fun would it be to watch the bit where... well, RE4 players know where I'm going with this.


And rounding out our cast, as the president's daughter Ashley, Sarah Polley.




My Resident Evil movie will be a Canadian production, and up here it's the law that if you're making a movie, you must cast Sarah Polley in it. :D

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Chris, a few comments...


First of all, you decided to cast Resident Evil 4 and you didn't even bother with selecting someone for Ada Wong? For shame... You lost five points, my friend.


Second, I totally disagree with your selection of Ashley. Don't get me wrong; Sarah Polley is a great actress, and she's certainly very hot. However, I don't see her fitting into that role all that well. If I were chosing someone it would be...






Think about it. Ashely is this prissy little teen princess who's lived in the glamour and glitter of high society life. Put her in a situation where she's being held prisoner by a cult of parasite-infected monks and villagers, and you know she's going to be completely helpless. The actress who plays her has to be as equally helpless, and Hilary Duff, teen pop star that she is, fits that role beautifully.


Still don't believe me? Then let's take compare one of Ashley's finer *ahem* attributes with those of Ms. Duff.




Nuff said. :D

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Haha! Nice one, Jeff.


First of all, you decided to cast Resident Evil 4 and you didn't even bother with selecting someone for Ada Wong? For shame... You lost five points, my friend.
Hey, I'm only halfway through the game and I've only seen Ada in one brief cutscene, so I didn't feel qualified. :o
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I like Awesome. I've had some conversations with Jeff about Ada and he seems to want a non-Asian actress to play her. I can't say I agree with that personally as Ada has always been Asian to me from her very first appearance in RE2. I'll see if I can dig up a choice or two.

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You know what, Ming-Na is probably the best choice I've seen put forward.


Jeff and I were also talking about this and I tend to agree with his position. Ada's last name certainly implies an Asian background, but her look is pretty Caucasian to me. I think seeing somebody like Lucy Liu or Michelle Yeoh do the role would be odd.


But Ming-Na does sort of look the part. With some proper training she could handle it I think :).

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but her look is pretty Caucasian to me.


I think that comes down to how Japanese artists percieve American facial features than any actual lineage on Ada'a part. She's simply made to look more "American" in RE4 than she was during his first appearance in RE.


Folks automtically assume (frustratingly so) when I say that she should be played by an Asian woman that it is because of her name. That honestly is the last thing that ever pops into my mind when it comes to Ada. The original design for Ada is RE2 is much more "Asian" looking in fact than her appearance in RE4. I think the intention was for her to always have been Asian personally and I tend to look at both of her appearances in the series instead of just what she looked like in RE4.


I personally liked Awesome's choice quite a bit in that regard. It's a nice middle ground. She has the looks thats for sure and I think she can pull it off. Though after taking a look at Chris's choice, it is far more exotic and in line with where I'd like to see the character go. In speaking with Jeff, he was thinking more along the lines of Kate Beckinsale playing Ada and honestly I can't see that at all.


EDIT: Added some thoughts on Chris's post.

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Maybe she's just like Donna Chang from Seinfeld - her name only sounds Asian. biggrin.gif


Kate Beckinsale might be a bit too quintessentially European-looking for the part, but when you look at screens of Ada, like those found here, it's not such an extreme stretch.


A slightly more mature Natalie Portman might look exotic enough to fit the bill. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking...

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