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Sega and Creative Assembly bring you Spartan: Total Warrior

Romier S

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I recently posted this thread in the PC area:


Sega Sammy holdings announced intentions to buy UK based developer The Creative Assembly


For those unaware, The Creative Assembly are the fine guys and gals behind the very successful and critically acclaimed Total War series of games including the recent Rome: Total War. The first step in this new partnership between these two companies is a band new console game expected to arrive in the September of this year. The name of said game is Spartan: Total Warrior. Unlike it's past games, this new title is an action game focusing on one warrior looking to turn the tide of combat versus huge armies as well as mythical creatures.


You can read more on this new up and coming game here .


Unlike the Total War games, in which players assume the role of a commander in charge of huge armies, Spartan: Total Warrior will see players assuming the role of a single warrior looking to turn the tide of epic battles between mighty armies, mythical beasts, and legendary monsters. Battlefields in the game will include arid wastelands, large cities, dungeons, rugged mountains, and the Imperial Coliseum in Rome. Players will be able to perform combo attacks and finishing moves using both melee and ranged weapons in Spartan: Total Warrior, and will also be able to block attacks, use evasive maneuvers, and shield charge enemies.


You can also take a look at some screenshots for the game below as well as short trailer including tons of in-game footage:


Spartan: Total Warrior Screenshots

Spartan: Total Warrior Screenshots

Spartan: Total Warrior Screenshots


Spartan: Total Warrior Full Trailer

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My impression is that they're deliberately distancing this just a bit from their previous games, which don't contain fantasy elements, no.


This actually looks a lot more like Dynasty Warriors with a modified Rome graphics engine to get the battles looking really huge.

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