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Shadow Hearts 3 coming....

Romier S

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This one should make Bling pretty happy. A new trailer for Shadow Hearts 3 will be included in the Japanese exclusive Director's Cut re-release of Shadow Hearts 2. The game is scheduled for a summer release and is set in America in the year 1929. You can read more here .


Despite having a ton of competition, Shadow Hearts: Covenant (Shadow Hearts 2 in Japan) was one of IGN's favorite RPGs last year. It was also a reasonable success in the Land of the Rising Sun -- big enough, at least, to convince its publisher Aruze to plan a sequel. That sequel is scheduled for its official unveiling via a special trailer included in the release of Shadow Hearts 2: Director's Cut -- a low-priced re-release of Shadow Hearts 2 featuring a host of new updates.
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IGN has some more information on the new game including the first trailer which you can catch here .


Here is some more info on the games story:


That's right, America. Whereas Shadow Hearts Covenant took place in Europe during World War I, From the New World kicks off in America a few later. You can expect to travel to, Chicago, New York and the Grand Canyon, among other American locals.


The game begins as Johnny, a sixteen-year-old detective who lost his father, sister and memory in an accident, accepts a request to find a criminal suspect who escaped from custody. As Johnny approaches the escapee, an illusion-like beast, who appears from a green light known as "The Window," swallows the escapee up. Johnny soon finds himself in a fight against the illusion-like creatures.


Johnny has a female counterpart taking a central role in the story. Shania is a 21-year-old Native American who makes use of spiritual power when she fights. She makes her living by hunting the illusion-like creatures. Sensing a strange power from Johnny, she decides to join him on his journeys. Other characters will, of course, join Johnny and Shania throughout the course of the game.



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Some disheartening news for fans of the Shadow Heart series. PS2 Editor Jeremy Dunham responded to a thread about the game being released in the US. His exact words were: "Last time I asked about it (and believe me, I have) Midway representatives said that it wasn't likely but not impossible.".


Ironically, IGN has posted a slew of new screenshots for the game which you can check out here:



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