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The next 14 race/driving games and a PGR2 surprise

Beer Monkey

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XBLRacing.com has a nice roundup of the next 14 XBox racing games. Here is the list:


XGRA - September 10

Corvette - September 10

NASCAR Thunder 2004 - September 17

Group S Challenge - September 24

Grooverider Slot Car Thunder - October 2

Road Kill - October 14

Pro Race Driver Online - October ??

Fuel - November 4

Sega GT Online - November 5

SuperCar GT - November 5

Project Gotham racing 2 - November 5

Need for Speed: Underground - November 20

SpyHunter 2 - November 21

R: Racing Evolution - December 10


Only the titles in bold are fully Live capable! Hmmm....


The title I eagerly await is PGR2. Street races are still not my favorites, but the folks at Bizarre Creations have confirmed that the Nurburgring road course is included as a track! They are working on getting the entire 14-mile, 174 turn course in the game, not just the current F1 short track.


Finally a true road-racing auto game to play on Live...I'll be there.

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The LIVE ones are the only ones I'm really looking forward too. Sega GT Online is a stand alone game, and not the add-on originially intended, correct? If so, I PRAY they don't include the one crap of a course with what seems like a million S turns... who ever thought up that horrible track should be tarred and feathered. :twisted:

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The last I heard, Sega GT Online will be stand-alone but it might be online-only...you may still need the original disc for offline racing. If it's only $20, it's a no brainer.


A game I would love to see online would be Test Drive LeMans. Use the Dreamcast physics engine, pretty up the graphics a bit and make it online-capable.

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Auto Modellista is supposed to be coming to Xbox on October 14, and I've read it has four-player racing on Live. I hope they tighten up the floaty controls, but I loved the cel-shading. I've been playing a lot of XGIII on the GC, and it's a great game. I'll get XGRA once I beat the original (which is actually a possibility, since it's an offline game I'll play for more than a half-hour).

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Originally posted by dogbert@Sep 4 2003, 03:30 PM

the previous XtremeG game (which he was also involved in)

Most impressed with that, I was. Much underrated, apart from the unplayable 2-player mode (side-by-side splitscreen for racing games is a very bad idea, particularly when you don't support 16x9 modes). More fun that I found in WipEout Fusion, certainly.

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The last game that had Nurburgring Nordschleife, AFAIK, was Gran Prix Legends. I think it's the ONLY game.


Up until now, I've yet to take the MSR / PGR series seriously. I'm very much a Driving Sim fanatic, and the absence of the greatest road course on the planet (IMHO, of course) on just about every racing game ever made has been a continuing disappointment (GPL an exception).


I really, really hope they suddenly decide for a more simmy (as opposed to arcadey) feel. If they do the Nurburgring Nordschleife, aracadey controls and physics will NEVER do it justice.


That track is all about exploiting the tiny nuiances / weaknesses inherent in different automobiles and punishing every one of them. Suspension setup is everything. BMW M car and Porsches cope brilliantly, Audis, Volkswagens and Mercedes do not.


But I digress.


What I really want, is to see GT4 with the Nordschleife. That, combined with the 900 degree rotation wheel and some good force feedback and I'll be in heaven.

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