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For Sale: PC Engine DuoRX with 3 games

Romier S

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Well I bought this a few months ago with the intention of adding a few games to the library but at this point I prefer to have the money for this.


Here's what you get with the package:


PC Engine Duo RX System w/box and paperwork

One PC Engine Controller

Green Slide Card that allows for playing of import HUcards

Rtype Complete

Galaga '90



The DuoRX is pretty much the complete system for anyone wanting to play TurboGFX HUcards and SuperCD games such as Castlevania Rondo of Blood or other such games. The slide card allows you to play US import games as this is a Japanese system. I have tested it thoroughly and the system is in complete working condition. The box and the system are in excellent shape and look fantastic. Collectors will love this thing (I did :D ).


Sale price: $250.00 Shipped

Paypal preferred.

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