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EB Deals thread (Trade In's and more)


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Thought Id begin a thread to post deals from EB. Trade in deals and so forth. Post those you know of . Below is a link to games excluded from the trade in deals.

EB Trade In Deal Exclusion List

Rebel Strike(GC), Pure Pinball(Xbox), Metal Arms(All) as well




1-One i mentioned in the PSP thread is a trade in a Xbox, Ps2 or GC game for $10 in credit towards the preorder of a PSP game. Deal good till 3/22


Excellent deal for old titles you wont get anything for. Powerdrome usually gets $1 in trade in credit. With this deal its $10.


2- Trade in 5 games to get $50 towards the following


Wrestlemania XXI(xbox) 4/2 exp

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory(xbox, ps2, cube, pc) 4/2 exp

Doom 3(xbox) 4/2 Exp

Republic Commando (xbox, pc) 4/2 Exp

Kessen 2 (PS2) 4/2 Exp

Starfox Assault(cube) 4/2 exp

Iron Pheonix (xbox) 4/2 exp

Devil May Cry 3(ps2) 4/2 exp


3- Trade in 3 DVD's get a extra $10

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EB also now seems to have a deal where if you trade in any 3 xbox, ps2 or cube games not on the exclusion list you get one of the following First Party Sony PSP launch titles free. Its been said on a couple of other forums. I didnt see this deal while there this morning



World Tour Soccer



ATV Offroad Fury

Ape Escape

Wipeout Pure

Twisted Metal Head-On

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