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DVD Round up 3/13-3/19 The Incredibles Arrive


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Finally a week with a few good NEW releases. I highly recommend The Incredibles and ST:FC Collectors Edition. Both have incredible transfers , and are excellent movies.





The Incredibles Low Price

If you are a reward zone member you get a free Incredibles Lithograph

Alfe $19.99

Miss Congeniality Special Edition (free ticket for MC2) $19.99

Broadway Hollywood Set $49.99

Star Trek First Contact: CE 14.99

Hogans Heroes S1 $27.99

Starsky and Hutch S3 $37.99

La femme Nikita $79.99


Shrek 2 $14.99

Shark Tale $15.99

Bambi $19.99

Spongebob The Movie $19.99

A Bugs Life $12.99

Monsters Inc $12.99

Finding Nemo $12.99


Circuit City

The Incredibles Low Price (Free basketball with purchase)

Alfie Low price

ST:FC CE $12.99

Miss Congeniality CE $17.99 (Free movie ticket)

Hogans Heroes S1 $24.99

Finding Nemo $14.99

Mary Poppins SE $11.99

Shrek 2 $11.99

Monsters Inc $11.99

A Bugs Life $11.99

Bambi $19.99

Ladder 49 $19.99

Spongebob the Movie $19.99

Ray $17.99

Shark tale $17.99

AvP $19.99


2 for $10

Double Jeopardy

Kiss the Girls

Chris Rock


American president

Lethal Weapon 4

Enemy at the Gates

Fatal Attraction

Lethal Weapon SE

The Score

Harlem Nights

and Justice for All...

The Peacemaker

Death to Smoochy

Tin Cup

House Party

Little Nicky



Alfie - $19.99

Dazed & Confused - $10

Dukes of Hazzard Season 2 - $27.99

Easter Parade - $15.99

Fast Times at Ridgemont High - $10

Fresh Prince Season 1 - $27.99

Golden Girls Season 1 - $29.99

Groundhog Day - $10

I Love Lucy Season 3 - $39.99

Macgyver Season 1 - $27.99

Miss Congeniality - $19.99 (Includes Free ticket to Miss Congeniality 2)

Saving Private Ryan - $10

Starsky & Hutch Season 3 - $34.99

The Brady Bunch Season 1 - $27.99

The Cat in the Hat - $10

The Incredibles - Low Price (w/Free 4pack Market Pantry water)

Thirteen - $10

What the Bleep Do You Know? - $19.99

Wonder Woman Season 2 - $27.99

X-Men 1.5 - $10



Spend $25 or more and get a Spongebob plush for $5

Bambi $15.99

Incredibles $15.99

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ST:FC Collectors Edition

They have a "motion pictures collection" that has all the films, with CE's of the ones that had CE's at the time they did it. Does anyone know if they're going to eventually re-release it with all the collector's editions once they're all out there? I'm kind of holding off for something like that.

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