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My full day of WWE (56k Beware!)


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Well, I was going to wait and post this once I had the higer resolution version of this first picture, but I was getting tired of waiting for it from the guy who took it.


Last Monday, RAW was in town, and we at the station had another meet and greet event with none other than Chris Benoit and Stacy Keibler!!!


So, plans this time were originally for me to pick up both Chris and Stacy at the hotel, but that morning at the last minute, i was informed that I had to pick up Stacy at the airport. You know what that means? Just me and Stacy, one on one, for over 30 minutes in the back of the limo :drool.


The first thing she said to me was, "Hey! Arent you the guy who started the Stacy Keibler Appreciation Thread on Home Theater Forum?". I fessed up and we laughed about it a good deal. :)


JK about that last paragraph.




Check out my left hand action there fellas. ;) That's Chris Benoit, my promotions director, Me, and Stacy Keibler, of course.


Well, after that, i went to another meet and greet that we werent even putting on... CHRISTY HEMME signing her Playboy at a local Bookstore (this was shown on RAW this past Monday).







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Bobbio, I dont think you can see me or anything because I was on the same side as the camera. Ususally at a TV show, that side is vacant of some seats because of the hard camera and they never show anything in that direction. But the good thing was that all the wrestlers play to that one side for TV, and I got some good pics, (like HHH's intro).


When I got Christy's autograph, they made me sign a talent release just in case they used me on RAW, but they didnt.


You take great pictures.




What's the password for the Seaman Family Christmas? ;)


heh heh. ;)

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wow thats sweet camron I gonna have to go back to Mondays nights tivo of raw and see if I can see you

Cameron was shown on Raw a few years back. He had a great Booker T Spin-a-roonie sign that Booker even pointed out for the camera guys. :tu




You take some damn good photos. Everytime I see pictures you have taken, I am amazed at some of the shots you get. Keep up the good work.



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