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The Shield


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Am I alone here being a The Shield junkie?


Just thought I'd ding a message, as the fourth season is starting tomorrow night.... if you live in the US and get the FX Network. If you are one of those people, I hate you. :mad:


Global, a half-assed Canadian TV network has now decided to start airing Season 3 in the Monday 10PM EST timeslot two weeks after the third season dropped on DVD. Which means I'm left to downloading Season 4 (something I don't like to do), or wait a whole year for its DVD which is what I just did for season 3.


Personally, The Shield is my favorite show in a very long time. Being fast-paced, and having multiple independent plotlines that thread in and out of each other makes it's what every cop show should be wishing it could have been. I think in its first season alone it had more storylines than two or three seasons of NYPD Blue strung together.


If this is a show you ignored in the past because it is just another cop show, give it a chance. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. It isn't Law & Order: Special Geriatrics Unit :D

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Ive seen the first two episodes of S4. They are very good ;)


I'm, uh, "getting" them right now. I just read they leaked out onto the 'net. I feel slightly less guilty in that I am going to buy the DVD as soon as it drops next year.


A small part of me is upset the Strike Team ended season 3 just not getting along.

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After what I felt to be a slow start, the shit is really starting to hit the fan now. Shane is in for a world of hurt, that's for sure.


I'm thinking he'll try to set up Army for the fall, but then vic will somehow save the day.


And what the heck is Dutch thinking asking out Corrine? Just damn.




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That is sweet. He is damned cool. I am going to miss Glenn Close if they decide to let her storyline die. I was skeptical of her going in, but she impressed me. Same with Anthony Anderson. His work on the show may be the first recorded instance of him actually acting.

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