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MX Vs. ATV Unleashed

Romier S

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Last year we had two releases in MX Unleashed and MTX Mototrak. Motortrak had a very slight edge in terms of having online play but there were folks that found MX Unleashed to have superior gameplay. It looks like the call for online has been answered as MX Vs. ATV will bring the token gameplay that many have fallen in love with from Rainbow Studios along with online functionality. With Phantom Dust being the only game that I plan to purchase, I'm seriously considering giving Rainbow's new game a look. IGN recently posted thier review for the game.


They awarded the game a 9.3


Having read through the review it looks like the gameplay from the previous MX Unleashed has remained with small nips and tucks here and there. The online functionality is mentioned but very little is said in general on that subject. Anyone else looking into giving this a look?

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Picked this up this afternoon and it's just as good as last years MX Unleashed, but with some new additions added to make it an even better purchase. The most obvious being the ability to take it online.


The career mode is a lot more in depth with the option to run a practice/qualifying round and pick your starting position at the gate. You can decline this as well and get right into the race, but for the first time around the tracks it's a good idea, plus you get some extra store points that you can use.


The graphics have had a few tweaks as well and still run in 1080i and look great doing it. The handling of the bikes and ATVs is spot on with some new crash animations that look absolutely painful :) Just like last years game the bikes and riders each have their own physics, so even though you may have thought that you pulled off a safe landing there's always the chance that either the bike or your rider have their weight shifted just enough where you'll have to counter it or face the consequences.


I ran a couple of races online and the interface is very easy to use with plenty of options to keep things fresh for quite awhile. Hope some others will be picking this up so we can get some races going :tu

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Picked this up finally earlier today. Would definitely be up for a few online games tonight. It's a tentative purchase right now with Splinter Cell coming next week but I'm definitely wanting to give it a few days to see if it's something I want to hang onto.

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