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Do you have a Verizon Cell Phone I can have?

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I lost my phone, can't get out of my contract, and a "new" phone costs HUNDREDS of dollars. They fuck you with the cell phones, first they sell you, then they fuck you. Anyway, if anyone has a verizon cell phone they can part with, sitting in a drawer from a past service they had, I would really appreciate it if you might part with it. I'll pay for the shipping, and maybe promise my daughter's hand in marriage.

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I think we might have an old Startac at home, let me check with the wife. It's really her cell package, not mine so it's her decision to keep/give away.


Send me your email address via PM and I'll look into it. If your daughter looks anything like you in your avatar, her hand is safe from this gent ;)

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Can't help you with the phone, but I'll ask around.


Couldn't you just re-up with them for another 2 years and get a new phone free or dirt cheap?


I did this with Cingular (even though I hadn't lost my phone), got a better rate plan, and 2 free phones. (after rebate)



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