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Anything I can do with problematic Xbox?


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Ok. My darn diddely arned Xbox is giving me more problems then ever.

I have the older model that has the Thompson drive. It just keeps getting worse.

It crashes all the time on Outlaw Golf2, it has a problem loading Halo2 (but after it loads,no problems) now it's giving me problems with Vice City (more than was happening when it when it first came out and played the heck out it).

I was thinking "maybe its running too hot" so I put a fan on it while running. I 'may' have noticed a small difference last night during the test, but it crashed & so did I.

Basically asking if there's anything I could do to help this beast survive until winter. (assuming BC on XB2) .

Take it apart? Throw it across the room?

I don't want to buy another xbox or drive itself.

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