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Project Greenlight 3


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Surprised no one has posted anything about this so far, as it is more available this time around being on BRAVO.


So, PGL does horror. First mistake, joining up with Dimension. Obviously this was shot before CURSED tanked at the box office, or else those Dimension guys wouldn't have acted so smug. Matt Damon uses his Spidey Sense to know that being connected with PGL is akin of being a laughing stock. Ben looks like he enjoyed a couple brews toward the end of the choosing session. Hated the one guy of the writing team that won; obviously he'll make it in Hollywood because he's that annoying! They chose the right director, for all the wrong reasons, of course. While I think the movie itself won't make anything the Sci-Fi Channel should be worried about (sounds like a FROM DUSK TILL DAWN ripoff), the series should be as interesting as hell.

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It's well known that PGL never chooses the best script. I didn't even think of entering PGL 3, because my horror scripts just aren't in that FEAST frame of mind. I see PGL as a place for those either just starting out or plain tired of trying to get their scripts read by others than Joe Schmo with a camcorder and calls himself a producer. I'm inching closer to that second category, but not quite there yet. :D


One of the writers react to episode one of PGL3:


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