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GBA Golden Sun - Whose Played it?

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Who else has played this game? I got the urge to play this game when I started playing Dragon Warrior III on my PocketPC. I miss these old-school RPGs! So I thought I'd try a more modern/Old-School/Final Fantasy-esk RPG. So I asked for it for Xmas and just started playing it.


It is the sequel, not the original. And I feel a little lost, since some basic things became road blocks. I didn't know you could cast spells outside of battle!!! Been walking around, wondering what to do, if only I knew I could cast TORNADO to blow away bush blocking the entrance! This isn't something I'm used to, but it is a good change.

Also a good change is being able to RUN, and even do so in the overworld map. I like the 3D-type map in this game. Well done. And the battle animations are of course much better than Dragon Warrior III : )


The Dijin was confusing, though I understand it mostly now. I definitely under-utilize them, and it's not apparent which ones are the best, and which ones should be equiped for whom.


I find the terrain confusing at times. It feels like Metroid sometimes where I explore everywhere, making sure I don't miss something. But the perspective and visual style makes it difficult. Some times it is not apparent that I can't walk that way, or that I can walk that way! I'll sometimes come to what appears to be a deadend, so I leave, only to return back later to re-check, and find that I could have walked in between those two jars or hop to that pillar that looked like decaration last time, but can actually be walked on. Some of this is just getting used to the conventions of the game and the visual style. But they have been obstacles for me.


I get the sense that the writers of this game are American. I think this because of the humor. It seems very American. It is subtle and I bet some people don't catch some of it.


I haven't played any of the recent Final Fantasy games, and am not sure how much they have evolved. I say this because I'm not sure if I will buy any FF-like RPGs for consoles in the future or not. I may because I miss them. But I don't get excited for them. Perhaps there will be some Japanese RPGs for Xbox 2 that will tickle my fancy. Until then, this is my only experience with the genre, and it is pretty good.

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I'm about 3/4's of the way through Golden Sun and I agree that it's a terrific game.


I just need to go back and finish it.


I started the game right after it came out and had the same issues that you did with the Djinn, so I started it over about 2 or 3 months ago and have found a ton of them. They make a huge difference when you're taking on the bosses.


Thanks for reminding me about this game, I'll have to go back and finish it now.



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Have you picked up the Final fantasy 1 & 2 GBA game? I'm about 80% of the way through it again and I forgot how much I liked the first one. I have both golden suns but haven't got through them yet. I found the stories to be a bit slow and overall boring in the first one and I got the second one cheap from a friend but haven't played it yet.

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