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Star Wars 3D 2007


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Morning everyone! Some interesting news for you Star Wars fans today. Remember how we said (on Tuesday) that James Cameron and George Lucas were going to be part of a digital 3-D projection presentation at ShoWest this week? Well, it happened yesterday. Joseph Kleiman of the World Enteractive was there and posted a report on his site. Joining Cameron and Lucas on stage were filmmakers Robert Zemeckis, Robert Rodriguez and Randall Kleiser, along with Doug Darrow, Business Development Manager for TI DLP Cinema. During the presentation, Lucas announced his plans to re-release the Star Wars Trilogy in 3-D for the original film's 30th anniversary in 2007.
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Somehow I get this sinking feeling every time Lucas discusses any Trilogy tinkering. Like suddenly there will be this extra bit where Greedo fires 3-4 shots into the audience before Han whacks him, or a new scene where Jabba offers the camera some pancakes in 3-D or something.


I just want my originals back, don't care about 3-D :D Why not make a new feature in 3-D that's built that way from the ground up?

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People have joked that one day we won't need physical actors. Is George trying to make the 3D models look real, like the Final Fantasy movie tried to do? Or will it be more cartoony? If he tries to make it look real, that will be very interesting to see if he can achieve something that no one has yet done. Imagine a film world where age doesn't matter? Wow.

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It is very much a glasses affair actually (the type with polarized lenses), so you needn't worry that he's gone and done something radical with Star Wars again. There were ghosting issues with the demonstrations at ShoWest according to a pocket of audience members. The process is specifically for DLP equipped screenings.



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