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Kids say the darndest Things thread

Rob B

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So I'm sitting in my hometheater room today, had just gotten off of work, and Trinity my oldest daughter said the darndest thing. What follows is the converstaion:


Trinity: Theres a fire coming in the tv room


Bobbio: What?


Trinity: Theres a fire coming in the tv room


Bobbio: What are you talking about?


Trinity: I can feel it comming


Bobbio: were?


Trinity: It's behind me


I pull her up to my lap


The conversation repeats it self for the most part


The she says


Trinity: The fire all gone now


Bobbio: It is?


Trinity: Yea


then I kinda smell somthing


Bobbio: Trin did you fart?


Trinty: giggle giggle


This is what she was talking about When she said there was a fire comming int the tv room.

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