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DVD Round Up 3/20-3/26


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This week brings the first 2004 Acadamy Award Nominee film to DVD. It is the excellent Finding Neverland. Im looking forward to it. The long awaited special edition of the hit Stand By me arrives as well. For you SW fans the release of the Clone Wars Animated Series finally hits your dvd player.



Spend $299 and up and get a free Reward Zone Subscription

Bridget Jonets: The Edge of Reason Low Price

Being Julia $15.99

Fat Albert Low Price

Finding Neverland $19.99

Stand by Me SE $19.99

Batman 1949 Serial Movie Collection $22.99

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex $17.99

SW The Clone Wars Animated Series $12.99

Doogie Howser MD S1 $24.99

Pimp My Ride S1 $27.99

The Pretender S1 Low Price

Kojak S1 $29.99

The Flintstones S3 $32.99

Friends S9 $36.99

Scooby- Doo 15 Short Movies $49.99

Past Releases

The Incredibles Low Price

Shrek 2 $14.99

Bambi $19.99

Spongebob the Movie $19.99

Shark Tale $15.99

Ladder 49 $19.99

Passion of the Christ $19.99


2 for $15 family films



Chip and Dale


Muppet Treasure Island

The Mighty Ducks


Strawberry Shortcake

Good Boy

Benji 2 dvd pack

Bob the Builder Mucks Favorite Adventure

Spongeguard on Duty

The Little Rascals

Secret of Nimh

Muppets take Manhatten


Happy Healthy Monsters

Charlottes Web

TMNT Original animated series S1

TMNT The Movie (live action)

Agent Cody Banks

Spy Kids

Chicken Run


Kindergarden cop

Teen Titans Devide and Conquer

Veggie tales A Snoodles Tale

The Care Bears MOvie

Neverending Story

Last Unicorn


Circuit City

Finding Neverland (free keyring) Low price

Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason Low Price

Fat albert Low Price

Volcano High $11.99

Pimp my ride s1 $24.99

Final Cut $17.99

Pretender S1 $25.99

Being Julia $14.99

SW Clone Wars Animated Series Low Price


SW Episode 1 $11.99

SW Episode 2 $11.99

Shark Tale $17.99

Save 10% with purchase of any 2 of these sets

Spongebob S2 $29.99

Simpsons S5 $29.99

Seinfeld S1/2 $29.99

Friend S9 $29.99

Family Guy S1/2 $29.99

Sex and the City S6 Part 2 $29.99

$9.99 DVD's

13 going on 30



Ten Commandments

Bourne Identity Explosive Edition

Day after tommorow

Man on Fire

LOTR Two Towers


Saving Private Ryan

Cold Mountain

Mean Girls


Ice Age

Master and COmmander

Harry Potter 1

Harry Potter 2

Somethings Gotta Give

50 First Dates

Predator 2

Freaky Friday

Ben Hur

Johnson Family Vacation


A Cinderalla Story

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Secret Window


Bridget Jones Diary


2 for $15

The Italian Job

Oceans Eleven

The Rock

Uptown Girls

School of Rock

Forrest Gump

Love Actually

Day After

Reseviour Dogs



Princess Bride

Breakin the Rules

The Prince and Me

Die Another Day

How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days

Assault on Precent 13

Greatest Story Ever told



Bridget Jonets: The Edge of Reason Low Price

Being Julia $19.99

Fat Albert Low Price

Finding Neverland Low Price

Stand by Me SE $15.99

SW The Clone Wars Animated Series $14.99

Doogie Howser MD S1 $24.99

Pimp My Ride S1 $27.99 (Free Music CD)

The Pretender S1 $27.99

Final Cut $16.99


Shark Tale $15.99

Incredibles $19.99

Shrek 2 $15.99

Monsters Inc $14.99

A Bugs Life $14.99

Finding Nemo $14.99

Mulan II $17.99

Princess Diaries 2 $17.99

Mary Poppins $14.99

Bambi $17.99

Ice Age $9.99

Shrek $9.99

Spirit $9.99

Antz $9.99

Chicken Run $9.99

They are a few other kids dvds on the ad but the copy i got was wet and ink blurred


OC S1 $49.99

Seinfeld S1/2 $29.99

Seinfeld S3/4 $29.99

Family Guy S1 $29.99

''''''''''''''''''''''''S2 $29.99

Simpsons S5 $29.99

Chapelle Show $17.99

Viva La Bam $17.99

Sweet Valley High S1 $27.99

Sex and the City S6 P2 $34.99

NewleyWeds S1 $17.99

One Tree Hill S1 $39.99

24 S3 $39.99


$7.50 DVD's

School of Rock

Moulin Rogue


Forrest Gump

Out of Time

How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days

SNL Adam Sandler


$10 DVD's

Van Helsing

Day After Tommorow

Under the Tuscan Sun

Kill Bill V1

Kill Bill V2

A Cinderella Story

Pulp Fiction CE

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