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my new mitts and some proplems

Rob B

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About a month ago I finaly purchased my rptv a Mits 48513 I belive thats the model Number and also a Mits DVD player model 8050. But for some reason with the dvd Input I get alot of "graininess" or video noise. and some "color haloing" on all the inputs at times. What I mean by the latter is like on "the incredables" dvd the red around the yellow I, I get a haloish effect. it seeems to happen with solid colors and items around an icon with in that color for another example the dell commercials I gett the same effect as above with the blue back ground around the gray dell circle.


So what do you think suggestions?


Link to HTT were I orginally posted, mainly so I don't have to repeat my self :D

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Carry over form HTT:


None off these ideas have seemed to make a diffreance.


Thanks for all the tips


Guess I will have to see about getting one of Greggs ISF-jobbers done. That is if can hurrdle my first WAF factor in the world of HT ;)

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Before paying $$$ for an ISF Calibration, I would see if the warranty will send someone out to look at it. Sounds like it is the TV and not the DVD player, so I would put in the call for the TV. Might be that the guns are misaligned or the set is just plain faulty. If they decide it's the TV, likely they can either fix it or just give you a new one.

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