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Robot Chicken?? Anybody watching?

Rob B

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It?s on, on Sunday nights on Adult Swim.


Funniest, craziest, and Edgiest 15 mins. on TV


Put on By Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. Seth McPharlen has written for a few episodes too.


Basically I'm not sure what the premises is but it involves an "A Clock Work Orange" style opening, involving a robotic chicken that a mad scientist created that he forces to watch TV, as the channels change.


Nothing is safe.


The animation involves classic toy dolls ranging from Skelotor to the Duke Boys to Arnold get spanked By Mr. Drummond. :lmfao



If you?re a fan of Family Guy South Park Sealab or ATHF I recommend you watch.

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I've enjoyed the episodes I've seen and to top that one of my best friends from my old High School days works on it. He works on the sets at the moment and he will hopefully moving up to animation soon.


From what he tells me of working with Seth he sounds like a great friendly guy.


Somwhere I've got a picture of him, Seth and Chewbacca at a Starbucks.

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I'm loving the show so far.


Voltron break-dancing and getting "served"...funny!

Transformers PA about prostate cancer...WOW...

My favorite skit so far had to be "The World's Most Onesided Fist Fights" CAUGHT ON TAPE...Classic!!! :lmfao

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