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Hi def hookup

Guest Bryan

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I tryed both, and the Monster Cables remain hooked up to my tv.

The differences are extremely minor, but there was a visible difference on my tv, so I opted to keep the monster cables. The $50 difference in price seemed inconsequential compared to the 2 grand i just plunked down on the tv.

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Originally posted by adamsappel@Sep 4 2003, 10:36 AM

The Hi-Def pack from Microsoft is first-party, so it's good quality, don't sweat it.

The problem with the MS pack is the rca cables that come with it. They have absolutely NO shielding, which means your results will vary greatly depending on what type of electrical equipment is running around your home theater system.


I've always found audio/video equipment to be more about personal preference than concrete info so I'd suggest buying them both, and then returning the one you don't like. FYI, monster had some production problems, so defects aren't unheard of, and if i remember correctly the hd pack is easily restored to it original packaging. ;)

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Can I replace the pack-in cable on the MS pack with a better quality cable?


I have two component cables on hand that could be used. The other is going from dvd player into the TV.


Thanks for the ideas everyone.

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