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Will you be buying movies for your PSP?

PSP Buyers: How much will you use the movie playback?  

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  1. 1. PSP Buyers: How much will you use the movie playback?

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    • Often
    • Sometimes
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    • Hardly at All

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If you were to buy the PSP, or if you have already bought it, would you buy movies? Would you buy duplicate copies of movies you already own on DVD? I myself an slightly bitter that it is disc-based. I wish it were harddrive-based for a couple reasons, including the prospect of being able to download movies that I already own onto it, rather than having to buy them again in Sony's propietary format. Ironically this is exactly what studios like about the PSP. Most movie sales will be duplicates for consumers, and that is awesome for them.

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There are two reasons I would pick up a movie on a UMD


1. The studio bundles the umd and dvd together in a "double pack" for $5-6 more than just the dvd (unlikely)


2. I'm in an airport. I'm played out of anything else for the PSP I've brought with me and I'm feeling an impulsive urge to watch some movie that happens to be super inflated by being in an airport gift shop (Highly HIGHLY unlikely... since I typically just prefer to read on an airplane anyway since a book makes a good place to store the boarding pass anyway and I just can't be bothered to bring a carry-on in today's world)


Otherwise clearance dumping of titles is the only chance a UMD has of being bought by me.

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2. I'm in an airport.


That's funny, I'm the same way. All bets are off when I'm in an airport looking for time to kill. I wonder if Nintendo or Sony has looked to rent their hardware and games at airports? Especially the hardware with a rent-to-own option -- wouldn't that capture a market?



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