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Plane Crazy


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I was wondering if we might eventually have a problem using the new generation of portables on airplanes (because of the 802.11b). I know most people will abide by the rules and such but it may only take a few kids to ruin it for the rest of us.


Has anyone heard of any problems with using DS' on planes?



Also airlines seem kinda strange in what they allow and don't allow. Case in point in November we went to Hawaii - Flew from here to Atlanta to California then to Hawaii and back the same way.... The entire way I had my Shure canal phones in (just as earplugs when electronics were not allowed), but on the final hop of my trip (from Atlanta to Huntsville) the stewardess told me that they were not allowed and to take them out - I asked about earplugs and she wouldn't let me use them either (though my wife was sitting beside me with hers in and she never noticed). :bh

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I'm convinced that the whole issue is complete bullshit, people take laptops with wireless cards and all kinds of other devices and there are never any problems. Most of the employees are clueless on what devices do what, and nothing affects the planes. I have used my DS many times on planes with no problems.


You know what I recently found out? The reason you can't use cell phones...it has nothing to do with safety, cell phone companies are worried it will confuse their towers. :rolleyes: So rather than updating their technology, please use their airphones for $3 a minute instead!

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