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So, I dusted off my 3DO the other night.

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Good God, what terrible games, for the most part!!!! :P


Was kinda bored, was feeling for some nostalgia, so I busted out my 3DO that I haven't played since the day I brought home the original Playstation, back at Xmas, 95.


Man...have we come far! I honestly don't think that there was one game in my decently extensive 3DO collection, that had a frame rate over 20.


Road Rash, Need For Speed, Shockwave, Space Hulk:Vengeance of the Blood Angels, Blade Force, Killing Time, Slayer....sheesh!!!!! They were a stut-stut-stuttering!!!! BIGTIME!!!!


To be honest, I was amazed at how badly I played them and that how often I was getting my ass handed to me. :wtf


I could not beat that jagoff, "videoguy", in Need for Speed, one friggin time!!! He won every single race on every single track. Space Hulk (a VERY slow moving, tactical fps), wouldn't let me get past the first 10 minutes of the first level!??! :o Road Rash, I was hitting everything but the other riders.


I think most of this was contributed to the very poor framerates on all these games. Everything was herky-jerky and, it was killing me!!!!


In Killing Time, I didn't last more than 15 minutes due to the very horrible framerate, making it impossible for me to shoot these stupid duck hunter enemies, with a shotgun, even though they were only 5 or 10 yards away. I would simply swing wide to the left, then wide to the right, all the while I'm getting shot to pieces.


Some games played decently though. Super Wing Commander has an acceptable framerate and, consequently, I did rather well at it and, Wing Commander 3. Immercenary, (very VERY bizarre fps) played decent and I was doing well at it.


Once upon a time, I beat just about every single 3DO game I own. Only exception, Space Hulk...hardest damn game I've EVER played.


I also wonder if there were some play balancing issues back then, since several of these were early 90's games, made 12 to 13 years ago? Devs weren't as far along as they are now.


Speaking of which, devs have definitely improved since the early days of the 3D0. I've got a pretty good collection of 3DO games and, I can tell you that absolutely, Electronic Arts made just about THE best games for the system.


Yeah, I know all about Trip H., but...EA really put the extra spit/polish on those old 3DO games. EA is kinda becoming the Evil Empire now, according to some but, once upon a time, I looked forward to their games in particular.


But, the nostalgia lasted only 1 night. The sometimes horrendously cheesy game content, mixed with framerates that approached slide show quality, and terrible midi-music, made me want to hug my Xbox.


We're really making some progress in videogameplay and design. Where we've come from is a fun place to visit every once in a great while but, I couldn't go back there for no one!!!!

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I also wonder if there were some play balancing issues back then, since several of these were early 90's games, made 12 to 13 years ago? Devs weren't as far along as they are now.


I'd say it's more that players back then wanted a challenge, now players don't :)

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A friend of mine had a 3D0 and I have to say I hated the thing even back then. I remember Alien Vs Predator looking decent at the time, god knows what it looks like now.


As someone else said, I played the N64 recently trying to relive the glory days that were Goldeneye multiplayer. Unbearable to be totally honest. Like slow motion, same with perfect dark. I could not believe how much they had aged.


Same goes for Resident Evil Code Veronica X, which only 3 years ago I think (maybe 4) seemed like the bees knees, it looked horrible now, didn't play too bad to be fair to it though.


I am an old has been :(

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Space Hulk is way more than a challenge! It's rather impressive, for it's time though. The commands your give to your squad, the way they carry them out, all the excellent radio chatter that's reactive to exactly what's going on around them, even the graphics...all top shelf for it's time.


It's just sooooooooo brutally difficult. :( You will spend hours just trying to get across a rather small, by todays standards, map that's constantly spawning the Genestealer enemies. One hit; literally, ONE hit from these guys, will take you out completely.


...and I'm wearing massive Space Marine armor....? :wtf


I don't know if any of you guys are fans of Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War, (I am), but I was amazed at how true to the whole Warhammer universe, the devs of Space Hulk were, since almost everything in the game was either exactly, or very similar to the weapons, and designs, and names in the rather new PC game, that came out last year.


FIFI Soccer was excellent on the 3DO. I forgot about that one! Guess I sold it since I don't have it anymore.


When I looked through rose colored glasses, I thought that the original Need for Speed on the 3DO, was my fave of the series.


It handles poorly. Great for it's time but, a poorly handling racing game is hard to love. The framerate is what kills it. I'm going to have to say that the Playstation version of Need for Speed, is the best. Smooth framerates, handles decent, you can even pick the time of day for the race. No "videoguy", even though I kind of liked his bullshit. :o

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I didn't think you were that much of a Yakhead


Wasn't he a rare Star Wars action figure? :)


I think it was merely hype winning over an impressionable young lad in both cases really, and certainly the old "wow look at the graphics" factor was draw that I foolishly succumbed to. The Jaguar I sold, but I'm fairly sure I still have my 3D0 (the later Goldstar version). I did at least get a greater degree of enjoyment out of the latter than I did the former.



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I actually like my Jaguar a lot more than my 3DO. As bad as the games were on the Jag that's really a below-the-belt hit to the 3DO. Still, I really enjoyed a few of the old Jaguar games. Doom, Aliens vs. Predator, Iron Soldier, & even Cybermorph held my attention quite well -then again, I'm one of the few people on Earth who really liked the Jaguar's controller.

Outside of the excellent FIFA, I can't say the same for the 3DO library -and don't even get me started on how bad the 3DO controller is.

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