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Gaming Sniglits: Contribute Your Own

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After going through a door, getting confused, and going back through the same door you came from. (E.g. Metroid Prime after coming out of the the ball or map screen)


Throwing an explosive at an enemy who retreats, then pursuing the enemy only to walk over you're own explosive (See Halo 2 multiplayer)


Saving with so little energy or resources, thus preventing further progress in the game


Mocking a player who just left the online game lobby, only to have them return mid-sentence without you realizing



Not selling a game back because you feel its worth more money than the store is offering, even though you will likely never play it again, and the value will only continue to go down


Feeling that your opponent is lucky or uses cheap tactics as a way of feeling better about losing


Buying or receiving a game worth $50, and leaving it in shrinkwrap until it is $19.99 platinum game.


Losing interest in a game because it has already been released.



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Good ones...I've experienced whimsawaste far more times than I care to remember. :(



mashedhaters - fighting game purists who decry button-mashers but still aren't good enough to beat them

quicksavahol - the practice of tapping the quicksave button after every single minor accomplishment

buttonfugue - playing one game excessively, then returning to another game having forgotten all the button mappings

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Carlos, you have a knack for these!


MMOchores: the mindless, endless, repetitive tasks required to advance a high-level MMO character towards the next level.


Related term: bubblewatching: fighting battles in City of Heroes/Villains and watching only the experience bar on the top of the screen to see how far it moves when an enemy dies.

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Gitonwitit scroll: The unbearably slow pace at which text crawls across the screen when an NPC speaks to your character and you are unable to press a controller button to skip it.



Itemvanishitis : The ability of health and ammo packs to show up in abundance on the game maps when your meters are full and to disappear quickly when you are about to die or run out of bullets.

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Playing Metroid Prime:Corruption today, I thought of this one:



Reverse Bossmosis: The propensity for the end-stage enemy to somehow acquire new skills and better attacks the more you wear them down.



You know, if they would've just hit me with that bad-ass attack right off the bat, they could've saved themselves the trouble.




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WiiArrangement: Moving the furniture around so you can get your motion-sensor gaming on.


I'm already working on the wife for a permanent living-room solution. I'd hate to have to drag that coffee table away each time.








We normally only have to push the coffee table out a few feet but sometimes the wife pushes it all the way out of the way.


AdNauseum Neverlearnfolk People that find a halfway decent tactic and keep doing the same thing over and over and over again even when you've figured out how to annihilate their beloved tactic.


I played a guy like that at Tekken the other day. Same 2-3 moves over and over and over again. I lost about a half dozen times before I started slaughtering him every single time by counter attacking at the exact same time over and over. I'd wait for it...then SPLAT. But the tactics never changed. Eventually he booted me from the room :lol


I did this to an online buddy...she loved to run straight up the warehouse map on Gears with the shotgun and ambush the guy grabbing the sniper. It took at least a half-dozen chainsaw surprises at the same place before she gave up. Everytime we played the map I'd do it to her at least a couple of times :lol

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