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Silicon Knights Next Gen Game (And Too Human Too)


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You can read about the agreement here:


In a release issued this morning, Sega announced an agreement to acquire and publish next-generation game content from Canadian developer Silicon Knights. The Ontario-based developer is known for such recent games as Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes and Eternal Darkness for the GameCube, as well as Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain for the original PlayStation. No titles or release dates were mentioned.


Very interesting. The article seems a little unclear though. Did Sega purchase SK in full, or are they simply publishing their games. Either way, I hope we finally see Too Human come to life with the next wave of systems.

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We've all heard about Too Human by now which is Silicon Knights new game for the Xbox 360. Famitsu actually has some new screens of the game which Xboxyde was kind enought to scan. Here they are for your viewing pleasure:



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Some more info on Too Human (including a Live multiplayer mode that's supposed to be similiar to Phantasy Star Online!) from a recent magazine article:


- About aiming you generally have auto-aim working. But if you use the right stick while shooting, you can manually target, and if you use the bumpers, you can do eight-way, robotron-style control.


- It says since they dont have platforming the jump is map to the A button for air combat.


- Camera system: If your using pistols, the camera automatically zooms out to give you a clear view of your targets, but if you use your sword, it zooms in to show off the action, more like a fighting game. Its goes on to say the camera seems full of suprises - EGM witnessed some really clever zooms, pans, and cuts that gave the game a unique look.


- By tapping the right stick in the direction of an enemy, you'll see Baldur rapidly careening around the screen dishing out devastating attacks and combos. When flicked in tandem with directions on the left stick, the right analog stick digs even deeper into Baldur's arsenal, filling the screen with effects - laden supermoves. It goes on to say once you get used to the frenzied pace and fluid fighting, its a highly rewarding , visceral combat experience more akin to a fighting game than a traditional adventure title.


- When using both sticks in tandem you can create moves on your own. The article says something about having customizable combos.


- Weapons types ( swords, hammers, polearms, pistols, rifles, lasers, and more).


- Xbox Live component: Too human will allow players to venture onto Xbox Live and tackle the full single-player adventure with up to 4 other players.


"A good analogy for this mode is phantasy star online," explains too human designer Henry Sterchi. "It was the first online RPG that had real combat, and you could actually chain the attack together. We thought: What if every time you were attacking, you were busting out all these really cool moves?" Expect seriously ramped-up difficulty, some unique rare item drops, and ***-kicking team up moves. "Imagine you launch an enemy up in the air, then your buddy jumps up and grabs him by the legs and piledrives him into the ground," adds Denis Dyack


- Place dubbed Cyberspace. In it you'll find a great reposity of info, cybernetic upgrades, and plenty of secrets. Its not like the cyberspace we think it is. It's like our reality nothing like the Matrix. Silicon knights wanted to make it look as natural as possible.


- Should be playable at E3. November release.

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I just saw Too Human on G4TV (with a commentary by Dennis)... Um... They really should have shown off some of the more impressive stuff in this game. I've heard it's really impressive... I've heard the other stuff they're working on is really impressive. What they showed wasn't. And boy, that camera needs a cinematographer.

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Even worse, the layman watching G4 sees all the slowdown in the gameplay and thinks that's how the game will be when it ships. They should know better and take the time to explain what will be different in the final game.

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Yeah, this game impressed me when I read about it in EGM. But the two videos I have seen of it seem like a completely different game. I kept seeing the same "moves" over and over again. They seemed a little sluggish. No RPG components were obvious (they touted that and the story are the most important parts of the game, yet none of that is even hinted at in the trailers). If I hadn't read the EGM article, I wouldn't be the least bit interested in this title based on the videos. And this comes out this year?

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Too Human shouldn't have been shown in the state it was shown on the show floor. I saw it crash a couple of times. The framerate was consistently atrocious, and the camera was abysmal. On top of that, the game just wasn't very fun in the form it was playable.


I've heard good things about what SK are upto, this just wasn't a good demonstration of it.

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