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So i was flipping through the channels this week (wed i believe) and stopped on Alias. After some initial uncertainty i decided to check it out. low and behold, its pretty cool.


Nadia (jennifer garner) is pretty freaking hot....i must say, she was the original hook for me. but she is one cold-blooded killer.


does anyone here watch this?

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I just started watching again after a short hiatus. I am a bit confused as to where Sids friend is? The blond somewhat funny guy who she had just let in on her little secret as I stopped watching.. Did he get killed by Slone like everyone else in her life? Also I must add that Sid half sister is very nice in a HOT EXOTIC HOT SPY KIDDA WAY. :)

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I agree....Nadia was one HELL of an addition to the show.


And im not totally sure about that ques howiedo1n. i would think that it was slone tho.


anyone have any idea how syd is going to get buried alive this week? thats one of the more crazy moves ive seen on this show. just have no idea how things could get that bad for her. womp wom.

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Well Alias is gonna have more eye Candy this coming year. With Jennifer Garner being pregnant they are writing it into the show. She is going to have a protege this season . Today they announced Rachel Nicols is joining the show with many speculating she will play that part. She was on the show "The Inside". She was also in Maxim a while back (had to throw this in there for joel AKA whooter)

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